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Many laws cover liability for harbor workers, sailors, and professional seamen, but these laws do not usually apply when someone is injured in a recreational boat accident. When you are injured in a recreational boating accident, it is vital to understand your rights and responsibilities because, as an experienced personal injury attorney could explain, they differ from maritime rules and laws that cover professional sailors, seamen, and dock workers.

Recreational boaters must follow specific rules and laws whether they are boating on inland waters, such as rivers and lakes, or on the navigable waters of the sea. A Cut Off recreational boat accident lawyer could explore potential ways for you to recover financially after an accident.

Reporting Requirements

Boaters who get into minor accidents can share insurance information without involving the police, however, when the accident led to any injuries or caused more than $2,000 in damages, the boater must contact the police. When there is uncertainty about whether the accident resulted in more than $2,000 in damages, it may be better to call the police proactively.

When someone is unsure whether an accident requires police reporting, a Cut Off attorney who handles recreational boat accidents may be able to help. A attorney may be able to handle contacting the police should an accident require reporting after the fact.

Fault in the Water

Just like there are traffic laws that govern driver behavior on land, there are laws that govern captain behavior on the water, such as those dictating which vessel has the right of way. To understand these laws, think about which vehicle is easier to maneuver. The harder it is to move a boat or other vessel, the more likely it is the vehicle has the right of way.

Any vehicle that is incapable of moving has the top priority right of way, such as vessels that are in distress and anchored ships. The second priority is a vessel that is being passed because their visibility is limited compared to the visibility of the approaching boat, so when they begin to move, they have the right of way. Fishing boats are the third priority. While they may not be anchored or incapable of movement, their fishing equipment makes it harder for them to move. Sailboats have the fourth priority as long as they are using solely wind power, and powered vessels have the fifth priority.

In addition to these rules, it is essential to look at the size of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the larger the vessel, the more difficult it is to maneuver, so smaller vehicles should yield to larger vehicles. A recreational boat accident attorney in Cut Off could explain whether failure to yield the right of way played a role in an accident.

Types of Recreational Boating Accidents

Boating accidents are relatively common occurrences, especially as people approach docks, in crowded harbors, or on holidays with lots of boating activity.

The most common causes of recreational boating accidents are collisions with other vessels, collisions with objects, boating while intoxicated, boat fires or explosions, and equipment failures. When the captain’s negligence leads to an accident, they may be responsible for their passengers’ injuries, and when equipment failures or fires led to the accident, the boat’s owner may be responsible. An attorney could help determine who has financial responsibility after a boat accident in Cut Off.

Talk to a Recreational Boat Accident Attorney in Cut Off

Boaters are not always required to carry insurance, even though doing so would make it much easier for people to recover after a recreational boating accident. It is always worth checking to see if the other boater has insurance after a collision, but when they do not, recovering from them may require a lawsuit, which is a lot to handle on your own. Contact a Cut Off recreational boat accident lawyer who could provide information about your options for financial recovery.


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