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Medical care has made some significant strides in the last century. People today have access to highly skilled doctors and medical treatments. When they have an ailment, they can often take some kind of medication to get better.

If the drugs you take to feel better instead make you sicker, an experienced personal injury attorney from Scott Vicknair, LLC could help. A New Orleans dangerous drugs lawyer could evaluate your situation and determine if you have a viable claim for compensation in a lawsuit. Many claims often settle but we are prepared to take a case to court if necessary.

Claims Against Drug Manufacturers

Drug companies have a legal responsibility to produce safe medications. They need to test any proposed new drug on a large and diverse sample of the population to learn how well the medicine works, and whether different people can tolerate it. While some side effects are inevitable, those adverse effects cannot outweigh the proposed benefits of the medication. In general, the drug must be reasonably safe for all its intended uses. If the medication does have side effects, the pharmaceutical companies need to list those effects in a prominent place on the pill bottle, packaging, or an insert included with the drug.

Unfortunately, some drug manufacturers are in a hurry to get their medications out to consumers, and the longer they delay the testing process, the longer they must wait to see profits. They might rush the medicine through testing and manufacturing to release it to the public sooner. Some companies might ignore signs the drug is problematic and hide troublesome side effects from the consumer.

A hardworking New Orleans attorney could help an injured consumer prove a dangerous drug caused harm. They could also investigate to see if the pharmaceutical company knew or should have known the possible dangers and warned potential consumers about the risks.

Claims Against Medical Practitioners

Sometimes, even relatively safe medication can cause troubling injuries. Harm could occur when the people in charge of giving medicine to patients make mistakes.

Prescribing Doctors

Physicians need to be careful when prescribing drugs. They should review their patient’s charts to ensure they are not allergic to a particular class of drugs or are taking another medication that could cause harm by counteracting the proposed new medicine. Doctors also need to ensure they give the correct dosages. Giving too much or too little of the proper medication could have disastrous effects.

Administering Medical Professionals

Medical staff must follow a doctor’s instructions and give patients the correct medications at the precise time. Sometimes, staff in hospitals and nursing homes are overwhelmed and make mistakes. They might give a patient the wrong medication or forget to provide a dose on time.


Pharmacists need to fill prescriptions correctly. They also must put instructions and warning labels on pill bottles and include all packaging inserts with drugs. A New Orleans defective drugs lawyer could investigate the medical error to see who is to blame.

Call a New Orleans Dangerous Drugs Attorney to File a Claim

Medicine should help you, not hurt you. If you believe you or your loved one were hurt by using a certain pharmaceutical product, a New Orleans dangerous drugs lawyer could get you the compensation you deserve. Scott Vicknair, LLC could gather the evidence you need to prove where the error occurred and who is legally at fault. Call our office today for a free consultation – you do not pay us at all unless we successfully recover compensation for you.

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