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A catastrophic injury is caused by severe trauma and causes permanent disabilities or otherwise significantly alters the injured person’s life. When you or a loved one sustained a catastrophic injury caused by another person’s negligence or wrongful conduct, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses with assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Adjusting to life after a serious injury can be difficult, and the cost of treatment coupled with new physical limitations can easily overwhelm anyone. In the case of a catastrophic injury, you will likely need long-term care and may not be able to work. A Cut Off catastrophic injury lawyer could help recover your medical expenses and lost income through a lawsuit. When you have questions about your legal rights and remedies, contact our office.

Examples of Common Catastrophic Injuries

Most catastrophic injuries are to vital organs or parts of the body. Any injury that causes life-altering trauma is considered a catastrophic injury. Some common examples of injuries that are considered catastrophic include:

  • Birth injury
  • Organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Amputation or loss of limbs
  • Electrocution or severe burns
  • Spinal cord injury or paralysis

Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

When someone is severely injured due to another person or entity’s negligence, they have legal rights and remedies. Most catastrophic injuries are caused by negligence that leads to:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Intentional wrongdoing, such as assault
  • Medical malpractice, including surgical errors, birth injuries, or negligence
  • Motor vehicle accidents, including truck, car, or motorcycle accidents
  • Construction site accidents such as falls, electrocution, or vehicle-related accidents
  • Defective and dangerous products, pharmaceutical drugs, and medical devices
  • Premises liability, including hazardous conditions on another person’s property

Recovering compensation in a catastrophic injury case requires proof the at-fault party acted negligently by breaching a standard of care to the injured person. Drivers on the road, healthcare professionals, product manufacturers, and property owners are just some examples of those who owe a legal obligation to act reasonably. When someone’s negligence contributed to a life-altering injury, contact a catastrophic injury attorney in Cut Off who could help determine responsibility.

Compensation in a Catastrophic Injury Case

When a catastrophic injury is caused by someone else’s negligent or wrongful act, they can be held responsible for the injured party’s damages. These could include medical expenses, ongoing treatment, lost income, reduced earning capacity, emotional distress, and any other related losses.

When awarding damages, the court will consider the drastic, permanent, and life-altering consequences of the injury. Damages awarded in a catastrophic injury case should be enough to compensate the injured person for the loss in quality of life they experienced after the incident. Work with a Cut Off catastrophic injury lawyer who can help build a solid claim and advocate for damages based on the case’s specific facts and circumstances.

Hire a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Cut Off

When you sustain a catastrophic injury through no fault of your own, speak to an attorney about your right to compensation. Whether you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, a workplace accident, or by a defective product, our team of legal experts is here to help you during this difficult time.

While no amount of money can reverse the physical, emotional, and financial turmoil that follows a traumatic injury, our hope is that a settlement can give you the means to move forward from the accident. Hire a Cut Off catastrophic injury lawyer to represent your interests. Contact our office for a free consultation.

Cut Off Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

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