Core Values

We always fight for the WIN

We will always fight until the end with every resource we have to win for our clients. While no law firm or attorney can guarantee you will win your case, we win a lot, because we constantly pay attention to the details of every case, hire the best, and focus on systems and processes that enable us to be in the strongest position to win for our clients. Because of our obsession with focusing on winning, we win BIG for our clients more often than other law firms.

We prioritize doing the right thing and holding each other accountable

We always seek to put ethics and professionalism first, with opposing counsel and the Court. Opposing attorneys and Judges we routinely appear in front of know this, which provides a better-quality representation to our clients. Furthermore, we create a culture and environment at our firm that seeks to hold others accountable and prioritize doing the right thing daily in our business practices and in our representation of our clients.

We deliver an exceptional client customer service experience

We constantly reevaluate and tweak our business practices, hiring protocols, and case management systems and practices. This is always focused on ensuring we can further exceed our client’s expectations of what they deserve in outstanding customer service. Our focus is on a proactive customer service experience for our clients which exceeds their expectations. The client is ALWAYS first. We will do whatever it takes to ensure our clients receive the best customer service in our legal representation.

We respect others and emphasize professionalism

Many times, our clients come to us in life-changing situations and experiences. We always are cognizant of that and show respect to our clients and the parties in their lives going through tough times. We also always strive to respect our opposing counsel, the Court, the Court staff, and all interested parties in the judicial system who are a part of your claim. This respect is extended to all our employees, who make sacrifices and work hard to win for our clients. We foster and focus on an environment that respects our clients, opposing counsel, and third parties, as well as our employees.

We always place our client’s interests before our own

It can sometimes be easy or tempting to recommend a particular settlement, focus on a particular strategy that would be easier or cost less money or time, or do something in a matter which would benefit an attorney, the firm, or staff instead of a client. We will never do this. Every recommendation we make, every strategy decision we recommend, and every decision made on a daily basis by our partners, staff, and all employees is based on a singular focus: what is in the best interest of the client.

We are consistent and focused on solutions

We are not interested in dwelling in negativity or in Monday morning quarterbacking. We are consistent in our representation every single day. We are focused on solutions with a positive attitude which will lead to us winning for our clients. Both in our representation of clients, business practices, and in dealing with each other, we approach every situation with a positive, solution-focused mindset.

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