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Trouble on the high seas can mean a lengthy legal battle, but a New Orleans admiralty attorney can help you with your claim. At Scott Vicknair, we’re here to help you with your maritime case, and we’re always ready to provide more information you can use in your fight. Read on to learn more about maritime law, what you can expect from a New Orleans admiralty lawyer, and how a free consultation with our office can help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible.

About Admiralty Law

Admiralty law, also known as maritime law, covers everything that happens at sea. This can range from the management of cargo, leisure craft, and even nautical crimes. The laws of the sea are managed differently, and maritime cases are heard in admiralty courts, argued by admiralty lawyers.

Admiralty law especially concerns business and navigation on the high seas, and this includes the protection of seamen and other crew members aboard a ship. Unlike on shore, maritime employees can expect a degree of rights from their employers, and these rights are federally protected.

What is the Jones Act?

Passed in 1920, the Jones Act is a federal statute that protects American maritime interests. While a large part of the Jones Act is dedicated to ensuring that American ports are serviced by American ships, and operated by American companies, the statute also includes protections for maritime employees.

If you were injured while working at sea, the Jones Act gives you rights to compensation from your employers. However, it’s easy to have rights, but sometimes difficult to exercise your rights. It can be challenging to file a case on your own, but a New Orleans admiralty attorney can help you fight for what you’re owed.

What an Admiralty Lawyer Can do For You

Unlike on shore, you’ll have to file your claims through an admiralty court. If you were hurt onboard a ship at sea (or if you lost wages due to a ship-related injury), if your vessel was involved in an accident, if you were accused of a crime that occurred at sea, or if you just need help navigating maritime law, you can count on an admiralty lawyer to help.

Admiralty lawyers specialize in admiralty law, which can be extremely complicated and confusing. Fortunately, with the proper legal assistance, you can exercise your rights and get coverage and protection while at sea.

When to Hire an Admiralty Lawyer

Dealing with a legal issue that concerns something as specialized as maritime work can be a challenge to proceed with, as an admiralty lawyer understands very well. Consult with a lawyer as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns regarding a variety of incidents on the high seas. From labor violations to crime, an admiralty lawyer can help you with many types of cases. As a maritime employee, you are entitled to specific rights that you should be aware about. There is legal help available if you are having difficulty trying to resolve your unique case, but thankfully there is a skilled team to support you.

Cases That Admiralty Lawyers Can Assist With

Admiralty law is a branch of law that concerns the governance and regulation of maritime activities and disputes. It can deal with cases such as labor violations reported by maritime employers, illegal fishing practices, and disputes between companies whose ships were in international waters. It is common for many businesses to become involved in disputes over where or how they are conducting their nautical activities. It is a complex area of law that only a highly skilled lawyer who is knowledgeable about admiralty and maritime law can successfully handle. Some of the topics that a skilled lawyer may see in their cases include:

  • Maritime law
  • Admiralty law
  • Illegal commercial fishing
  • Boating accidents
  • Piracy

No matter how complex your case may be, our legal team will fight hard for you to receive the outcome that you deserve. We will gather the necessary compelling evidence to build a strong case and work to achieve a positive case result.

What To Expect During Your Consultation

If you have any questions regarding a case that involves admiralty law, do not hesitate to speak to an experienced lawyer. These types of cases can take a long time to resolve because they are so complex. One of the first places that you can start with if you are considering getting legal support is to have a consultation with an experienced lawyer.

As a New Orleans admiralty lawyer can tell you, like one from Scott Vicknair, LLC, preparing for your consultation can help you better understand your case and your rights. Create a detailed list of questions and topics that you want to ask and have the lawyer explain to you. Maritime and admiralty law can be complicated and there are many elements involved, from fishing practices to how admiralty court is conducted. A lawyer can give you the specific information you need to know for your case.

Explore Your Legal Options

You can depend on an experienced and highly knowledgeable lawyer if you are working to resolve an admiralty law issue. Do not take the risk of attempting to resolve a complex case on your own. Get the facts and answers that you need by talking to a skilled New Orleans admiralty lawyer like one from Scott Vicknair, LLC near you as soon as possible to receive urgent legal assistance.

Finding An Admiralty Lawyer To Help You

If you have suffered a maritime injury, you know it is prudent to speak with a New Orleans, LA admiralty lawyer to see what they can do for you. Getting injured while on the water can become complicated quickly because you may need to figure out who you can turn to, exactly whose fault it is, or even if you have a case. Especially in circumstances where you believe someone else should be held responsible for your injuries, it is prudent to gather as much evidence as possible and call the team at Scott Vicknair, LLC. They can help you through your case and the next steps.

Times When You Should Seek Help From an Admiralty Lawyer

You may be confused about a few things if you were injured while on the water. You may be questioning whether something was your fault, whether you caused your own injuries, or whether you have what you need to move forward with some type of claim. It is crucial that you get a lawyer as quickly as possible to discuss what your options are. You may need a lawyer if:

  • You were on an unsafe vessel. This could happen for many reasons and may be caused by crewmen who were unqualified to take a vessel out safely or because a vessel was not up to certain standards when it got on the water.
  • Someone was acting negligently. Whether it was someone on a vessel you were with or you collided with someone else while out on the water, you should speak with a New Orleans admiralty lawyer to determine whether you have what you need for a personal injury claim.
  • You were working and became injured. If you were working on a ship or other vessel on the water as part of your job and became injured, you have the right to seek compensation through a workers’ compensation claim. Unlike a personal injury claim, you do not need to prove that someone else was negligent and caused your accident.
  • You filed a claim and it was denied. If you were injured while working and filed a claim just to have it denied, you should still seek help from a lawyer. A denied claim does not have to mean you have no shot of recovering compensation. Your lawyer can help you determine if your employer was right in denying your claim or whether you should pursue an appeal to protect your rights.

Why is it so critical that I work with a lawyer?

Maritime law can be tricky. If someone else injured you and you are hoping to file a claim, it is likely that the person who injured you will want to avoid compensating you for those injuries as much as possible. When this happens and you are not on dry land, it can make your case significantly more complicated. If you were injured in some way, whether by someone’s negligence or as an on-the-job injury while working at sea, it is time to seek legal help. Contact Scott Vicknair, LLC to speak with our New Orleans admiralty lawyer now.

The Crucial Things That an Admiralty Lawyer Can Assist With

An admiralty Lawyer specializes in legal matters related to maritime law and the admiralty jurisdiction. Admiralty law governs legal disputes and issues that arise in navigable waters, including oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes. Admiralty lawyers from our firm, Scott Vicknair, LLC, handle a wide range of cases involving maritime accidents, cargo disputes, marine insurance claims, maritime contracts, and other matters related to maritime commerce. Here are five key aspects of what an admiralty lawyer does and how they assist their clients:

  • Admiralty Law Knowledge: Admiralty law is a unique and specialized area of law that encompasses a broad range of legal principles and regulations. Admiralty lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of this complex legal framework, including laws governing maritime commerce, vessel operations, maritime accidents, salvage operations, and international treaties. This knowledge allows them to navigate the intricacies of maritime law and provide effective legal representation to their clients.
  • Maritime Accidents and Personal Injury Claims: Admiralty lawyers handle cases related to maritime accidents, including collisions, shipwrecks, boating accidents, and offshore drilling accidents. They represent individuals who have been injured or the families of those who have lost their lives in maritime accidents. Admiralty lawyers work to establish liability, pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages, and ensure that their clients’ rights are protected under maritime laws.
  • Cargo Disputes and Admiralty Contracts: Admiralty lawyers assist clients with cargo disputes, including issues related to lost or damaged cargo, delays, cargo liens, and contractual breaches. They handle disputes between cargo owners, shippers, carriers, and other parties involved in the transportation of goods by sea. Admiralty lawyers also provide legal counsel and assistance in negotiating, drafting, and reviewing maritime contracts, such as charter agreements, bills of lading, and maritime insurance policies.
  • Marine Insurance Claims: Admiralty lawyers handle marine insurance claims on behalf of clients, including claims for hull and machinery insurance, protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance, cargo insurance, and maritime liability insurance. They assist clients in navigating the insurance claims process, ensuring compliance with policy terms, and advocating for their clients’ interests to maximize their recovery under the insurance coverage.
  • International and Cross-Border Maritime Disputes: Admiralty lawyers are well-versed in the complexities of international maritime law and cross-border disputes. They handle cases involving disputes between parties from different jurisdictions, disputes arising from collisions or accidents involving vessels from different countries, and disputes regarding the application of international maritime conventions and treaties. Admiralty lawyers work with international counterparts, handle jurisdictional issues, and provide legal representation to clients in international arbitration or litigation proceedings.

In addition to these core areas, a New Orleans admiralty lawyer may also handle cases related to maritime environmental law, maritime liens, marine pollution, vessel financing, and maritime regulatory compliance. They serve a wide range of clients, including shipowners, seafarers, fishing companies, marine insurers, port authorities, and other entities involved in the maritime industry.

The Critical Role Our Lawyers Play

Admiralty lawyers play a crucial role in providing legal representation and guidance to clients involved in maritime disputes and matters. Their specialized knowledge of admiralty law, experience in handling maritime cases, and understanding of the unique challenges in the maritime industry enable them to effectively advocate for their clients’ interests. Whether dealing with personal injury claims, cargo disputes, or international maritime disputes, admiralty lawyers are equipped to navigate the complex legal landscape and ensure that their clients’ rights are protected under maritime laws.

Contact Scott Vicknair Today and Talk to a New Orleans Admiralty Attorney

Maritime work is challenging, but rewarding. It can also come with a whole host of legal complexities that you’ll need to navigate if you’re ever in trouble on the high seas. From international shipping to the Jones Act, the professionals at Scott Vicknair are ready to help you get the legal help you need.

Don’t go unheard. As a maritime employee, you have rights and protections – even if your employer has failed to keep you in the loop. Get in touch with Scott Vicknair today and see how a New Orleans admiralty attorney from our office can help.

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