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A contract may be the most important document you ever sign. Businesses fail or prosper based on the documents that obligate them. A contract is really a document that obligates one party to do something for another party. We all run into these obligations daily in our personal and business lives. The real question is whether we ever stop to think about what we are doing and how those decisions impact our business. Our experienced New Orleans business contract lawyers at Scott Vicknair, LLC can help.

What to Include in a Contract

While many “contracts” are never written down, important contracts should be and should reflect what the parties really want. Unfortunately, many businesses draft their contracts or rely on a promise and a handshake, far too often. Why is this a problem?
Because you may fail to take into account:

  • If the parties have legal capacity to enter into the contract
  • If the contract is enforceable under the current law
  • If the contract affects the rights of another
  • Whether the contract has any special legal requirements in order to be enforced
  • What happens if the contract is breached
  • What happens if a portion of the contract is invalidated

You will see the answers to some of these questions in many form contracts, but do you know what they mean? Time and time again, our New Orleans contract lawyers are retained by litigation clients to fight over the meaning of contracts that the client drafted without the help of lawyers or never wrote down in the first place. It is not rare for a client to spend many thousands of dollars arguing over the meaning of a term when an attorney at our firm could have fixed the problem on the front end at a minimal cost.

Experienced Counsel for Your Business Needs

At Scott Vicknair, LLC, we advise our clients on these questions and many more. Further, we offer a full range of business services, which allow us to fully advise you on not only what your contract should include, but also what contracts you really need. We are skilled in drafting and/or reviewing contracts. Our goal is to address the concerns that brought you to our door and think outside the box to troubleshoot the issues that you may not have contemplated. We want to hand you a document that fully meets your needs, and we are ready to work hard to do that.

Additionally, we know that you cannot have every single contract reviewed by a New Orleans business contract lawyer. That is why we strive to prepare form agreements for you that you can alter within a framework that we have discussed. Essentially, you pay for one agreement that will have repeated applications. Our goal is simply to make your business better and protect your longevity. With attorneys licensed in Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, and Texas, we can draft contracts for many different occasions.

We Stand Behind Our Work

You may be surprised to learn that some attorneys who draft contracts will not litigate on your behalf to protect your rights under the contract. We disagree with that approach. Our litigation experience allows us to confidently say that we can protect your rights. And, of course, why should you have to change lawyers if we are responsible for the document in the first place? Knowing that your lawyer is there to stand by you if anything goes wrong should allow you to rest well at night.

Contact a New Orleans Business Contract Attorney for a Consultation

If you have questions about a contract, give us a call. Don’t struggle through drafting a contract yourself. The repercussions could be dangerous. Our New Orleans business contract legal team at Scott Vicknair, LLC can meet with you over the phone, in person, or online. To make an appointment, call our office or contact us online.

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