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If you work at sea, it’s important to remember that you have certain rights and protections – and a New Orleans Jones Act attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve if you’re ever injured on the job.

At Scott Vicknair, we understand that maritime work is hard work. But we also understand that you shouldn’t pay out of pocket for any injuries that occurred while you were working. Read on to learn more about how the Jones Act can help you, and get in touch with a dedicated maritime injury attorney today for a free consultation.

About Admiralty Law

Admiralty law, also known as maritime law, refers to the laws of the sea – and the laws of the sea are managed differently. If you work offshore, you may not be covered like employees who work on land. Instead, you have a completely different set of rules and regulations that determine what you can and can’t do, and how you should be compensated if you’re ever injured onboard a vessel.

If you’re injured on the job on land, you can file for workers’ comp and be done with it. Or, if your employer was negligent, you can take them to civil court for whatever financial damages you feel you’re owed. If you work at sea, it’s a completely different game. You can pursue compensation, but it’ll be heard by an admiralty court, and you’ll be represented by an admiralty lawyer.

How Does the Jones Act Apply to Me?

The Jones Act was first passed in 1920 and has gone under several different revisions since then. At its core, the Jones Act is intended to protect American maritime interests but ensure that American ports are served by American vessels, operated by American companies and (largely) American crews. However, the Jones Act also provides important protections for maritime employees.

If you work at sea, the Jones Act gives you the right to seek financial compensation from your employer in the event of injury, negligence, or unseaworthiness. This compensation can include money for your medical care, but also some much-needed funds that can make up for your lost wages. A New Orleans Jones Act attorney can help you exercise your rights as a maritime employee, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Maritime Work is Dangerous. Lawyer Up.

Working on a ship is hard work. It involves heavy machinery, wet and uneven surfaces, and a certain kind of chaos that can only occur on the high seas. Of course, any injury has the potential to put your life on hold for weeks or months – or even longer if the injury is serious enough. How do you make ends meet if you’re out of a job and trying to heal up? Whether you were injured by a crane or injured slipping on wet stairs, you deserve to be compensated for your accident at sea. That’s where Scott Vicknair can help.

Work on ships, docks, rigs, and other maritime employment is inherently dangerous, but as a Jones Act Lawyer in New Orleans workers trust can explain there are still many standards and safety measures that must be met in order to be within the law for creating a work environment that is as safe as can be. OSHA (Occupational and Health Administration) has many regulations for almost all fields of labor in an effort by the government to keep work environments safer – however, maritime jobs come with many regulations that are specific to that type of work since it is a unique field in the dangers that are present.

Because of the unique challenges and safety issues, the Jones Act offers employees protections that are relevant to the work that they perform on a daily basis that other fields of work would never encounter. It is important that you know your rights if you’ve been injured or witnessed unsafe and illegal work practices taking place. Our personal injury lawyers at Scott Vicknair, LLC can explain this to you in detail as it relates to you and your situation. Don’t wait to give us a call and schedule your consultation where you can ask questions, get legal advice, and more.

Workers’ Compensation and the Jones Act

Workers’ compensation is a somewhat general term referring to workers receiving compensation from their employer to cover the costs of an injury that they suffered while on the job. Workers’ compensation is a part of the Jones Act as it is specifically written for maritime employees. If you’ve been injured while on the job, you likely do have a right to workers’ compensation, and our New Orleans Jones Act lawyer at Scott Vicknair, LLC can explain your options and help you prepare your workers’ compensation claim.

Going through this process on your own is not recommended, because you will likely miss items that can be included in your claim, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Your lawyer will help you every step of the way to ensure that nothing is missed. We’ve been through this before and are knowledgeable about the Jones Act and workers’ compensation law, giving us the necessary experience to guide you through this legal process with a successful outcome.

You don’t have to suffer on your own due to your injury, get the compensation that you deserve with the assistance of your  Jones Act Lawyer. Many employers try to avoid paying workers’ compensation or attempt to get you to accept a lowball offer that will not cover your expenses. If this is the case, that’s all the more reason to give us a call at Scott Vicknair, LLC, because we will not be intimidated or back down. Give us a call today and give us the opportunity to represent you and your interests and get you on the right path to full recovery from your injuries.

3 Reasons to Lawyer Up

There is no reason to go through this alone, our experienced Jones Act attorneys trust is ready to help you. The legal team at Scott Vicknair, LLC will be happy to work with you and guide you through the legal process to come. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation where we can go over the details of your claim, get a better understanding of your situation, discuss the value of your claim, offer legal advice, explain your next steps, and more. Contact us today!

Get the Most for Your Claim

Having a lawyer for a workers’ compensation claim is always recommended because they know what your claim is worth and won’t accept an offer that is too low. New Orleans Jones Act lawyers know the intricacies of the workman’s laws as they pertain to maritime workers specifically, so they know how to get you the full value of your claim. Employers and insurance companies will try to intimidate you and tell you half-truths (or even lies), but our lawyers at Scott Vicknair, LLC do not intimidate easily and know how to deal with these parties by demanding the compensation that you deserve and that is fair for the injuries that you have suffered.

Know Your Options

We know that you aren’t an expert in the legal field and probably haven’t been through a legal case like this before. But we have. At Scott Vicknair, LLC we have experience in the specific legal field of the Jones Act, maritime laws, workers’ compensation, and more. This experience and legal knowledge can be put to work for you on your case and gives us the ability to explain your options, and the likely outcome of each, and provide legal guidance as you make decisions throughout your legal claim for workers’ compensation. Right from the start, you will need to know all of your options so that you can make informed decisions that you understand and feel comfortable and confident in. Your Jones Act lawyer will answer all of your legal questions and explain your options in detail so that will be armed with the information necessary to make the many decisions that will come up throughout your claim.

Reduce Stress

It isn’t particularly fun or easy to go through a legal claim, and it can cause a lot of undue stress that you don’t need right now. You should be focusing on your healing and recovery, not trying to learn the law and the complexities of the legal system. We’ve already done that and are ready to help you with your claim. You can rest assured that at Scott Vicknair, LLC we have what it takes to handle your claim on your behalf while you take care of other important things in your life, like your loved ones, your mental and emotional health, and your physical healing from your injuries. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can lift this burden off of your shoulders.

How Can a Lawyer Help You With The Jones Act?

A New Orleans Jones Act attorney can help you when you are trying to learn more about your rights when you work at sea. There are several ways that a lawyer from Scott Vicknair, LLC can help you.

Protection For Maritime Workers

The Jones Act provides protections for American maritime workers, but it can also create complex legal issues for those who work on vessels covered by the Act. A lawyer with experience in Jones Act cases can help injured workers file claims for compensation.

Compliance With The Jones Act

In New Orleans, where the maritime industry plays a significant role in the local economy, a lawyer can assist employers in ensuring that their vessels comply with the Act’s requirements. This can involve reviewing vessel documentation, advising on crewing requirements, and helping to ensure that the vessel is properly maintained and inspected.

Defense Against Jones Act Claims

If an injured worker files a claim for compensation under the Jones Act, an employer may need to defend against the claim in court. A lawyer with experience in the Act can be essential to mounting a successful defense.

Legal Guidance For The Maritime Industry

A lawyer with experience in the Jones Act can help to navigate the complex legal landscape of the maritime industry. This can involve advising clients on a range of legal issues, such as environmental regulations, maritime liens, and insurance requirements.

Stay Compliant With Laws And Regulations

By providing guidance on legal issues, a lawyer can help their clients to stay compliant with relevant laws and regulations, while also protecting their interests and minimizing potential legal risks.

Can a Lawyer Help With Anything Else?

In addition to the benefits listed above, a lawyer with experience in the Jones Act can also provide valuable advice on how to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring on vessels. They can work with employers to develop safety protocols and procedures, and advise on best practices for preventing common types of accidents in the maritime industry, such as slips, trips, and falls.

Furthermore, a lawyer can assist employers in conducting investigations following an accident or injury. They can help to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and determine the cause of the accident. This information can then be used to improve safety procedures and prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

It’s worth noting that the Jones Act is not the only law that applies to the maritime industry. Other laws and regulations, such as the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, and the Oil Pollution Act, also apply to various aspects of maritime commerce. A lawyer with experience in these areas can provide additional support and guidance to clients who work in the maritime industry.

The Injury is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Any injury can put your life on hold. You’ll have to deal with your physical recovery (and it can take weeks or months before you’re back on your feet), but you’ll also have to deal with a growing pile of medical bills. To make matters worse, when you’re injured, you can’t clock in and collect a paycheck – even if it’s the only thing keeping you from falling behind on your mortgage or other debts.

If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to face it alone, and you shouldn’t have to pay for it out of pocket. And if you were hurt on the job, you definitely should be compensated for your injuries.

Workers’ Compensation at Sea

Worker’s compensation can provide some much-needed financial stability if you’re ever hurt on the job. Unfortunately, workers’ comp claims are handled a little differently if the injury happened at sea, instead of on land. Rather than workers’ comp, workers at sea can turn to the Jones Act for their injury compensation.

The Jones Act of 1920 provides seamen and other maritime employees with certain protections in the event of injuries that occur while aboard vessels. Under the Jones Act, maritime workers have the right to seek compensation from their employers, whether that compensation is to cover medical bills or lost wages.

An Injury at Sea Means Admiralty Court

The sea is governed by different laws and courts than what we see on land. In the event of a work injury on land, an employee is able to seek workers’ compensation – or, failing that, he or she can sue for damages in a civil court if an employer was dangerously negligent.

Injuries at sea fall under the realm of an admiralty court instead. There are federal laws in place that dictate how a claim should be settled if an injury occurred at sea, and these claims need to be heard by specialized courts that know the intricacies of maritime law. Of course, this also means you should get help from a New Orleans maritime workers’ compensation attorney you can trust.

Common Causes of Accidents at Sea

If you have been injured while working at sea, you may want to contact a New Orleans Jones Act lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. A lawyer from Scott Vicknair, LLC can help you pursue a timely claim. Here are the most common causes of maritime accidents that you should know about.

  • Inadequate training. Working at sea requires incredible skill and detail. That is why maritime workers must undergo thorough training. Unfortunately, sometimes workers do not receive the training they need or may not be qualified for the job. For instance, if a crane operator is not trained properly, he or she can cause an accident by positioning the loads incorrectly or knowing what hazards to look out for.
  • Bad weather. When you work out at sea, you are bound to see bad weather. Big storms can increase the risk of accidents and injuries on a ship. Although vessel owners can’t control the weather, they can take measures to reduce the risk of injuries related to natural events.
  • Enclosed spaces. Maritime workers may also suffer harm if they are in enclosed spaces, like cargo areas. These areas may not have proper ventilation and get contaminated with toxic gasses, like carbon monoxide, and be difficult to escape from in an accident. Workers may have trouble breathing or suffer poisoning from being in an enclosed space.
  • Slip and fall accidents. As a New Orleans lawyer can confirm, ships have many slip and fall hazards, such as slippery floors and uneven decks. Workers can slip and fall and suffer serious injuries, like broken bones, head injuries and spinal cord injuries. Employers can reduce the risk of these accidents by installing anti-slip surfaces.
  • Fires and explosions. Fire and explosions on ships can pose a great danger for maritime workers. Most of these accidents result from misusing flammable liquids on the vessel. Workers can suffer severe burn injuries from fire and explosions that require immediate medical treatment.
  • Falling overboard. Whether due to inclement weather or not paying attention, some maritime injuries may fall overboard. Besides the risk of drowning, workers can endure injuries from the fall or be in close proximity to sharks and other dangerous sea creatures.
  • Getting caught in moving parts. A ship has a lot of moving parts and they can be a danger to maritime workers. If workers are not paying attention when they are around a moving part or get their clothes caught in the moving part, they can sustain serious injuries, like limb loss.
  • Faulty equipment. Even the most experienced and skilled maritime workers can get injured if they work with faulty equipment. In this situation, the worker may be able to file a third-party lawsuit against the manufacturer.

If you want to pursue a workers compensation claim, you should schedule a consultation with a New Orleans Jones Act lawyer from Scott Vicknair, LLC to discuss your case.

Reasons For Needing a Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you are a maritime worker who has been injured while working, you may want to hire a New Orleans, LA maritime workers compensation lawyer to protect your rights and improve your chances of receiving fair compensation for your damages. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your lost wages, medical bills and other losses that resulted from the accident. You deserve to be properly compensated for what you have been through.

Maritime workers can face unique danger while working, and injuries are unfortunately all too common. A qualified lawyer from Scott Vicknair can help you understand complicated laws and regulations governing maritime injuries and fight for your right to fair compensation. Here are a few good reasons why you should consider hiring a maritime workers compensation lawyer after getting injured at work.

  1. Knowledge and Experience: Maritime law is a complex and specialized area of the law, and it takes an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to help get through the complicated and stressful legal process. A maritime workers compensation lawyer will have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to your case, as well as the experience to handle your case effectively.
  2. Protection of Your Rights: When you have been injured in a maritime accident, your employer and their insurance company will likely try to minimize their liability and pay you as little as possible. After all, they care about the bottom line above everything else. A Jones Act lawyer will fight to protect your rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.
  3. Maximization of Your Compensation: We will work to maximize your compensation by identifying all potential sources of recovery, including maintenance and cure, unearned wages, and other damages. For example, we may determine that you may qualify to receive compensation for your emotional distress too.
  4. Handling of Complex Cases: These cases can be complex, involving multiple parties, complex legal issues, and large amounts of money at stake. A lawyer will have the experience and resources necessary to handle even the most complex cases effectively.
  5. Peace of Mind: When trying to heal from a maritime injury, you do not want the added stress of dealing with a legal case. If you have too much stress, you may delay the healing process. We handle all aspects of your case, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your recovery. You will not have to worry about filling out endless paperwork or dealing with insurance companies.

If you are a maritime worker who has been injured while working, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a qualified New Orleans Jones Act lawyer from Scott Vicknair as soon as possible. With their knowledge, experience, and commitment to protecting your rights, a maritime workers compensation lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve and move forward with your life.

Get in Touch with a New Orleans Jones Act Attorney

At Scott Vicknair, we know that maritime work is hard work. It’s an important job, but it’s also dangerous. If you work on a ship, you may be exposed to hazardous materials, heavy machinery, and (of course) wet or uneven surfaces. These are all dangerous to your health and safety, and your livelihood.

If you’re injured at sea, you deserve legal help from a law firm that has your best interests in mind. Reach out to Scott Vicknair today to learn what a New Orleans Jones Act attorney from our office can do for you.

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