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Helicopters are commonly used for both personal and professional transportation needs, including getting workers from the mainland to offshore oil rigs, and accidents involving helicopters are more common than most people think.

Just like auto accidents and boating collisions, anyone who gets hurt in a helicopter crash can demand civil compensation from anyone who played a role in causing the accident with help from a skilled aviation accident attorney. When you want the best chance of getting a favorable case result, you should consider hiring a New Orleans helicopter accident lawyer who has successfully handled similar cases.

Figuring Out How a Helicopter Accident Happened

The legal basis for almost every accident that leaves someone with a serious injury is “negligence.” Someone is legally negligent if they directly cause an injury to someone else by violating a “duty of care,” in other words, doing something reckless or careless a reasonable person would not have done under the same circumstances.

Helicopter accidents can be difficult to effectively investigate, and it may take a long time to find debris, flight records, and other important evidence establishing exactly what went wrong and who is to blame. A knowledgeable New Orleans helicopter injury attorney could investigate how an accident happened and pursue a strong claim.

Holding the Right People Accountable for Damages

The majority of helicopter accidents caused by negligence stem from a mistake by the person operating the helicopter, so the pilot is very often “negligent” in the way described above. Other people and organizations could also be liable for this sort of incident, including the company the negligent pilot worked for, a mechanic who did not make sure the helicopter was in safe working order, a manufacturer that made faulty helicopter parts, or an air traffic controller who gave unsafe or unclear instructions.

Each person who holds some fault for an accident can be held liable for every form of harm the accident directly causes, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Emotional anguish
  • Lost quality of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Personal property damage or loss
  • Lost wages and ability to work
  • Disability-related costs for things like home modifications and wheelchairs

A lawyer could identify everyone who played a role in a helicopter accident in New Orleans and help take appropriate legal action against them. They could also do so quickly, which is especially important due to the one-year filing deadline for personal injury claims set by Louisiana Civil Code § 3492.

Consider Working with a New Orleans Helicopter Accident Attorney

Helicopter crashes are extremely traumatic and very often life-threatening accidents. When you are hurt in one by no fault of your own, the person at fault for the accident should pay for your injuries and losses.

Representation from a New Orleans helicopter accident lawyer could be essential to making sure you are paid fairly for your damages. You will not pay anything unless you are successful in your case, so call today to discuss your legal options.

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