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If you work at sea, you may need the help of a New Orleans maritime injury lawyer if you’re ever injured or mistreated on the job. The laws of the sea are different from laws on land, and it’s important to get the best legal help possible if you’re seeking compensation.

Before diving into your case, take the time to get informed about what maritime law entails, and how a personal injury lawyer from Scott Vicknair can make a difference. Read on to learn more, and reach out to us for a free consultation.

Inside Maritime Law

Maritime law is also known as admiralty law, and it covers everything that happens at sea. While maritime law can include crimes and international statutes or laws, it also deals with how businesses should operate at sea, and what rights seamen and other crew have while they’re on the job.

In the United States, federal law protects the rights of maritime employees. The Jones Act, initially passed in 1920, is intended to safeguard American maritime interests, ensuring that American vessels are used in American ports, carrying out business for American maritime companies. The Jones Act also safeguards the rights of seamen and other crew aboard ships at sea.

Why Do I Need a Maritime Lawyer?

If you work on land, you can rely on a civil court to help you get the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured on the job. It’s a different matter if you work at sea. Because maritime law applies to seagoing vessels, it means you’ll have to go to an admiralty court instead of a civil court, and there’s a whole different set of rules to play by if you want to see a single cent for your claim.

There are many reasons you may find yourself in an admiralty court. You could have been injured at sea, either as an employee or as a passenger. You could have been involved in a boat accident, or found in violation of one of many different maritime laws. It’s a lot of pressure, and you shouldn’t have to deal with an admiralty court alone.

Not all lawyers are equipped to handle the intricacies of maritime law. You’ll have to get in touch with a New Orleans maritime attorney who specializes in the law of the sea, and Scott Vicknair is here to help.

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Were you hurt onboard a vessel, or involved in a maritime accident? You have a right to compensation, even if your employer didn’t tell you. At Scott Vicknair, we understand the importance of exercising your rights to get the compensation you deserve.

Any injury – maritime or otherwise – can put your life on hold. An accident or injury may mean a lengthy recovery, costly repair and medical bills, and lost wages that could put you behind on your mortgage, your car payment, or other debts. All the more reason to get in touch with a lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

Work in the maritime industry is challenging, dangerous, but important. Get in touch with Scott Vicknair today to see how we can help, and get back to sea with a New Orleans maritime attorney at your back.

Cases That A Maritime Lawyer May Handle

Working on a legal case that concerns a maritime injury is a difficult task, as a New Orleans maritime lawyer knows well. People who work in maritime industries such as commercial fishing, vessel construction, or international cargo shipping are more susceptible to injuries because of the many hazards they experience, due to inherent risks involving work with industrial materials and navigating on dangerous waters. For employees who work in the maritime industry, the process for filing a claim can be quite complicated. Whether you have suffered a terrible injury while at sea, or would like to file a claim against your employer for violating your rights as a maritime employee, you can turn to a lawyer for personalized assistance.

You can depend on the knowledge and legal experience of a lawyer who has previously helped clients who have had maritime law issues. If you have a case dealing with maritime law, do not wait to contact a lawyer who has the skills and experience to help you.

Risks of Not Hiring a Lawyer

When you have a case that concerns maritime law, your case will need to be handled by someone who has specialized legal experience in that area. You will want to speak with a lawyer who is familiar with international maritime law as well as the industries that the laws impact. When you choose not to hire a New Orleans maritime lawyer who specifically has experience working on cases concerning maritime law, you may not be able to get the outcome that you deserve. Lawyers who have not handled maritime cases may have gaps of knowledge, which can result in a less than desirable outcome.

How to Strengthen Your Case

There are ways that you can strategically build your case and strengthen it. You are more likely to achieve the case outcome that you want to get if you take the time to understand actions you can take to make yourself more persuasive. You can gather all records that pertain to your case, as well as evidence like photographs, video recordings and witness statements. Refrain from speaking about your case on social media platforms as well as to family members and friends. Do not say anything to anyone else other than a lawyer which can be interpreted as admitting fault or accepting blame.

5 Reasons to Hire a Maritime Lawyer

They Will Fight for Compensation

Contacting a New Orleans maritime injury lawyer could be in your best interest when you need skilled advisory actively fighting for your rights. Whether you have been injured in a maritime situation or are seeking workers’ compensation, an experienced attorney can be in your corner advocating for what you are rightfully owed. Maritime law is complex, and people involved in maritime cases may undervalue their situation and ultimately walk away with less compensation than they deserve. You’ll likely want legal counsel to closely examine and evaluate all angles of your case as it’s easy to miss details in these scenarios. If you are a victim in a maritime accident, you don’t want the other party to try to get away with low consequences. It is your basic right to receive the justice you deserve.

You Need Clear Communication and Clarification

As previously mentioned, maritime law is a separate entity from any circumstances that occur on land. You should not try to navigate maritime law on your own. A lawyer will work closely with you step-by-step to make sure you thoroughly understand all of the paperwork involved with your case and help you find the absolute best legal way forward. Qualified maritime lawyers will communicate with you clearly and provide confident legal guidance. You do not want your time being consumed simply trying to understand any legal jargon.

Working with Someone Experienced in Maritime Law

Dedicated New Orleans maritime lawyers have worked with countless maritime cases, and they have a plethora of context for figuring out the best way how to go about your individual case. From personal injury to property damage, a lawyer will have likely already handled a maritime case similar to yours. They will understand the specific evidence that needs to be gathered, which can also sometimes be hard if the incident is far away from land. If you’re not sure what evidence you should compile, a lawyer will help you gather what you need to build a strong case. Additionally, maritime laws vary on location, and you want someone in your corner who has specific knowledge of maritime law where your incident occurred.

Keeping Track of Your Records

It will be very important to keep track of and compile your records when you are involved in a maritime law case. An attorney will do this for you on your behalf. If you are involved in a boat crash with another boat, your boat hits a dock, your ship spills waste or pollution in the water, or are involved in a boat injury, you will need to present detailed evidence of how the event transpired. Regardless of whether you or someone else is at fault, it’s imperative to have any evidence possible prepared to share with the court. One of the best things about an attorney is that you don’t need to worry about keeping track of all your evidence and paperwork during this arduous time. You should focus on your life moving forward after any unfortunate incident you have experienced.

Finding Quicker Solutions

If you caused damage to the water or someone else’s boat or dock, there may be more straightforward solutions than taking your case to court. In some scenarios and if the damage is more minimal, your attorney can help you reach a settlement with the other party, which is a less drawn-out process. In these cases, there are often far less stressful solutions that enable you to move on with your life much more quickly.

Speak With a New Orleans Maritime Injury Attorney

To find out what you can do to get legal support for your maritime case, set up a consultation right away. With such a complex and sensitive case, you will want to work with a legal professional who has the necessary and specific legal experience. Find a lawyer right away who has accomplished excellent results for their clients so that you are more likely to get similar positive case results. To receive urgent legal assistance, set up a case evaluation with a dedicated and experienced New Orleans maritime lawyer like one from Scott Vicknair, LLC to discuss the details of your maritime law case.

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