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From conveniently located offices in New Orleans and Covington, our attorneys serve personal injury & maritime clients throughout Louisiana, including those located in metro New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Hammond, Shreveport, Houma, and Thibodaux. We’re also admitted to practice in Arkansas and Texas. Complete the form below, and a member of our team will reach out to learn more about your legal needs and determine whether your case and our firm are a good fit.

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    Louisiana personal injury law is complex and complicated. If you were hurt by another person or company’s negligence, or need help resolving a business, construction, estate, or trust dispute, you need help and not just any attorney will do. You need an exceptional team of personal injury lawyers who are as skilled as they are committed to your success. Fortunately, you’ve found us.

    We Adeptly Handle a Wide Range of Personal Injury

    From car and truck accident personal injury claims to maritime law, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another firm that adeptly handles such wide-ranging types of personal injury cases, but that’s not all that sets us apart. Whereas some attorneys and firms take cases and just go through the motions, hoping for a fair pre-trial settlement, at Scott Vicknair, LLC, we’re trial lawyers. We ready each and every case for the courtroom and have earned a reputation for going to trial whenever it’s in our clients’ best interests. Regardless of the direction your case is taking, you can feel confident in our counsel.

    We serve personal injury clients in Covington, the New Orleans metro area, and throughout the State of Louisiana, proudly accepting cases of every size. Our team is dedicated to giving your case the skilled attention it deserves, whether it’s a $5,000 claim or a $1 million claim. Looking for results? Look no further.

    At Scott Vicknair, LLC, our accomplished team of Louisiana attorneys handle a broad range of personal injury. Whether you were hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, injured after taking a dangerous prescription or over-the-counter drug, or are embroiled in an estate, trust, business, or construction dispute, two things are certain: There’s a lot riding on the outcome of your case and you need a skilled personal injury lawyer to help recover what you deserve. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right firm for assistance.

    Our Louisiana Lawyers Do Things Differently

    Our fervent dedication to the success of each and every client—regardless of whether it’s a $5,000 case or a $5 million case—is just one of the many things that sets us apart from our professional peers. We don’t just go through the motions and hope we can get you a decent settlement. We’re trial lawyers, which means we prepare every case as if it will end up in front of a judge or jury—and we’re as adept in the courtroom as we are at the negotiations table.

    Serving personal injury clients in the New Orleans metro, as well as throughout the Bayou State, our knowledgeable and experienced team of litigators work together to develop personalized and effective legal strategies. Scott Vicknair, LLC is here for you when you need results.

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