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When an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is used properly, it can save your life when you experience cardiac arrest. However, an AED must be used quickly because your chance of surviving decreases dramatically with every moment that passes. Public spaces like schools, gyms, malls, airports, and stadiums are required to have AEDs on site per Louisiana law, and when they do not, you could file a lawsuit with help from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

If you had a sudden heart attack in a public place and there was no AED on site or it was improperly used, maintained, or malfunctioned, you may be entitled to compensation. A Louisiana AED liability lawyer could help you show a working device or proper training may have prevented further injury or the death of a loved one.

AED Injury Liability in Public Places

The AED is a portable lifesaving device that allows someone to treat a heart attack patient immediately on site instead of waiting for paramedics or emergency personnel. When properly maintained and used, the AED prevents as many as 50,000 deaths each year. For example, a gym employee with AED training could potentially save the life of a patron experiencing sudden cardiac arrest by using the AED. The benefits of having an AED for businesses and other entities far outweigh the risks to patrons of not having one.

AEDs are required to be on site and properly maintained in all federal government buildings, including courthouses, post offices, and airports. In Louisiana, the law requires AEDs to be present in certain public places. Businesses or public places that might be required to have an AED on site could include:

  • Theaters
  • Golf courses
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical buildings
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Schools and colleges
  • Gyms and health clubs
  • Airports and train stations
  • Sports stadiums and arenas

Per state law, public places must provide their employees with AED training and keep the device in good working condition. When a business or public place fails to do so, and an AED could have prevented further injury or death, it can be held liable. A Louisiana AED liability lawyer could determine if a company or public place was required to have this device on site.

Recoverable Damages After AED Liability Injury

The process of maintaining the device is relatively simple and it can save a patron or employee’s life when used correctly. Unfortunately, many businesses or public places are liable for not having an AED on site or otherwise failing to keep it in working condition.

Someone who sustains further injury or wrongful death due to an entity’s actions in not installing an AED, providing training to employees, or doing the necessary maintenance can recover damages for their losses related to the incident. After an AED injury, a person can have brain damage, a stroke, or sensory deprivation related to their sudden cardiac arrest. An AED liability lawyer in Louisiana could help recover compensation for hospital and medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and the cost of future care.

Call a Louisiana AED Liability Attorney

If you or a family member experienced sudden cardiac arrest in a public place, and there was no AED on site or it was improperly maintained, used, or malfunctioned, you might have the right to file a claim for your losses. Contact a Louisiana AED liability lawyer to discuss pursuing compensation for your injuries and losses related to the heart attack.

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