Louisiana Dock Worker Injury Lawyer

Spending your days on a loading dock or a shipping bay managing and keeping up with shipments and operations is strenuous. It comes with many risks, such as losing a foot or leg in a crushing accident or breaking an arm in a slip-and-fall. Both Louisiana and federal laws give you a way to request a financial settlement to help you get the help you need to get better.

Our experienced maritime injury attorneys regularly fight for longshoremen and dock workers who experience serious injuries while doing their jobs. A Louisiana dock worker injury lawyer at our office could help you get the financial compensation you need to cover your bills while you get back on your feet.

Who Qualifies for a Settlement for a Dock-Related Accident?

As 33 United States Code § 902 (the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act) explains, qualifying maritime workers may be eligible to receive money if they are hurt while doing their job. A ship repairman who sustains a severe burn while repairing a vessel’s boiler could ask for financial assistance. Likewise, when someone loading cargo onto a boat loses a leg because it got caught in a forklift, they could also seek a settlement.

Some workers may not be able to sue for damages under this law. For example, many maritime employees who do only clerical or secretarial work are not eligible for compensation under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). Along those same lines, this law might also exclude someone who works on a ship, such as a seaman or crew member.

When a vendor is injured while visiting a dock for work, they may have to use Louisiana workers’ compensation laws or another set of regulations to request compensation. A Louisiana lawyer with experience with dock worker injuries could help them discover and pursue their options.

When a Dock Worker Gets Hurt, What Kinds of Compensation Could They Get?

Sustaining a catastrophic injury while working on a dock can spell disaster for someone’s future, preventing them from earning a living while they heal or living with a permanent injury. The types of compensation available to someone in this situation depend on the specific laws they use to claim benefits.

For example, when the dock worker meets the criteria for a settlement under the LHWCA, they might receive full payment for their medical treatment, as explained in 33 U.S.C. § 907. Their employer could also pay wage replacement benefits under 33 U.S.C. § 906 to give them a steady source of income while they recover.

Other situations may require workers to use standard workers’ compensation laws to get the financial assistance they need. A dock worker attorney in Louisiana could help injured employees exercise their rights to get the compensation they need to pay their bills.

Call a Louisiana Attorney for Help Understanding the Rights of Injured Dock Workers

When you are hurt while working on a maritime dock, you deserve a full and fair settlement so you can support yourself and your family while you cannot earn a paycheck. Under federal and state employment laws, you may qualify for a settlement from your employer, which may give you money to cover your medical bills and lost wages during the healing process.

Contact a Louisiana dock worker injury lawyer today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We provide free initial appointments and do not charge you any legal fees until we win your case on your behalf.

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