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Many people believe a traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens whenever the brain suffers a severe injury, but trauma does not refer to how badly you are hurt, only to how the injury occurred. Trauma means an outside force led to the brain injury regardless of whether anything connected with the head. A sudden stop from a car accident can cause the brain to rattle against the side of the skull, which would be a TBI, however, a stroke or heart attack leading to brain damage is not a TBI. Consider hiring a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney when you sustain a TBI in an accident.

Common causes of TBIs are car wrecks, slip and falls, assaults, and maritime and longshore accidents. Anything that causes a bump, blow, or jolt to the head qualifies. Penetrating injuries, meaning an injury like a gunshot wound where an object pierces the skull, qualify too. When you have a TBI because of someone else’s careless behavior, you need the help of a Cut Off traumatic brain injury lawyer.

Degrees of TBIs

There are three categories of TBIs: minor, moderate, and severe. Minor TBIs may also be known as concussions. For a long time, people assumed that mild TBIs did not have a lasting effect, but current evidence suggests minor TBIs can have a cumulative effect, eventually leading to damage as severe as the damage from a moderate or severe head injury.

Signs of a mild TBI may include a temporary loss of consciousness, confusion, dizziness, disorientation, headache, memory problems, nausea or vomiting, problems with speech, ringing in the ears, blurry vision, and changes in taste and smell. In the days or weeks after the injury, a person might have mood swings, feel depressed or anxious, have difficulty sleeping, or feel drowsy. Usually, these symptoms will resolve on their own in about three months.

Doctors and nurses use diagnostic scales to determine whether a brain injury is moderate or severe, but in the immediate aftermath of the trauma, it can be impossible to know the severity of an injury.

Moderate or severe TBIs share some of the symptoms of minor TBIs, and the more severe the symptom, the more likely the injury is moderate to severe. Sustained loss of consciousness, a worsening or persistent headache, seizures, repeated vomiting or unrelenting nausea, dilation of one or both pupils, being unable to wake from sleep, loss of coordination, slurred speech, clear fluid leaking from the ears or nose, and numbness in fingers or toes are all signs of a moderate to severe TBI. In addition, these TBIs can also cause behavior changes, which may be more extreme than mood changes with minor TBIs. A lawyer who has experience handling TBI cases in Cut Off could talk to the patient’s medical team to learn more about their prognosis.

Recovery From Brain Injuries

Recovery from some TBIs is possible, however, the recovery may be incomplete. People who appear to recover fully may still have underlying brain damage, and a future accident or event that impacts the brain can hurt them more than someone without a prior brain injury.

Many people will never fully recover from TBIs and may be unable to work, drive, speak clearly, handle their daily living tasks, or live independently. Caring for someone who is living with the effects of a long-term TBI can be emotionally challenging, exhausting, and very expensive. A traumatic brain injury attorney in Cut Off may be able to help recover financial compensation for the injured person.

Consult a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Cut Off

When someone else caused an accident that led to a TBI for you or your loved one, you may be entitled to financial compensation. While no amount of money can make up for these injuries, it can help pay for expenses like medical bills and assistive devices like wheelchairs, and it can also help injured people and their families feel a sense of justice.

Many people think that they cannot afford a Cut Off traumatic brain injury lawyer. We not only offer free consultations, but we also handle cases with no money up front. Unless we recover for you, you do not owe us legal fees. Call and schedule a consultation today



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