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Spinal cord injuries happen in a heartbeat and change your life forever. Although modern treatments mean that not everyone who suffers a spinal cord injury will be paralyzed and need to use a wheelchair, almost everyone loses some functioning.

Accidents cause almost all spinal cord injuries, and accidents result from careless or reckless behavior. When someone else’s conduct contributed to the incident that caused the injury, they are legally responsible for compensating the injured person financially.

Speak with a Cut Off spinal cord injury lawyer as soon after the incident as possible. A compassionate personal injury attorney could investigate, identify the responsible parties, and hold them accountable for the harm they caused. There is no fee unless you collect compensation from the parties responsible for your injury.

Spinal Cord Injuries Can Have a Devastating Impact

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke describes the spinal cord as a tube that holds a bundle of nerves that run from the brain to the lower back. The nerves allow communication between the brain and the rest of the body. When the spinal cord is injured, that line of communication is disrupted.

Someone with an injury low on their spine might lose sensation and movement below the injury site. An injury higher on the spinal cord can affect the injured person’s ability to use their arms. Spinal cord injuries also can impact bladder and bowel control, sexual function, breathing, and swallowing.

The American College of Surgeons reports many treatments that are either available or in development can relieve some of the symptoms of spinal cord injuries. Some people who respond well to these treatments regain some motor functioning. Working with a Cut Off attorney could help ensure someone with a spinal cord injury has access to the most promising treatments available.

How Negligence Can Cause Spinal Cord Injuries

A party is negligent when they do not try to prevent a situation that poses a risk to others. The legal system holds negligent people, companies, and government agencies responsible for the financial losses other people sustain in incidents resulting from their negligence.

Car, bus, and bicycle accidents are the primary causes of spinal cord injuries in children and younger adults. In older adults, falls cause a substantial percentage of these injuries. Other causes include sports accidents and acts of violence like gunshots and stabbings.

Motor vehicle crashes, many falls, and most sports accidents have their root in someone’s negligence. An attorney in Cut Off could investigate the situation that led to the spinal cord injury and identify parties whose carelessness or recklessness contributed to the incident.

Holding Responsible Parties Accountable

When someone suffers a severe injury like spinal cord damage in an accident, the parties responsible for the incident are liable. A judge or a jury must apportion liability between everyone involved when a lawsuit seeking compensation goes to trial.

According to Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323, when the injured person also bears some responsibility, they can still collect compensation from other involved parties. However, the amount they collect is reduced by their proportion of responsibility.

Most cases settle before a trial. Apportioning fault is one of the matters that all the involved parties negotiate. An experienced lawyer in Cut Off could ensure someone who sustains a spinal cord injury does not bear more than their fair share of the responsibility.

Work With an Attorney in Cut Off After a Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury is likely to cause significant changes to your life. You will need substantial financial support to adjust to your new normal.

A Cut Off spinal cord injury lawyer has the expertise and skills to ensure you receive fair compensation. You have only a short time to file a lawsuit, so reaching out immediately after the accident is critical. Get in touch today and schedule your free consultation.

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