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When families decide to look for a nursing home to care for a loved one, finding one that is safe and reliable is always a top priority. You expect the caregivers and other staff to treat your family member with the kindness and compassion they rightly deserve. While the thought of potential abuse may be the last thing on your mind, it happens more often than you think.

When you suspect a loved one is suffering abuse, you have the legal right to hire a personal injury attorney and seek action against the nursing home, as well as specific staff members. Schedule a meeting with a New Orleans nursing home abuse lawyer today to discuss your concerns.

Different Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse and neglect of senior citizens will not always look the same in every case. There are different forms of nursing home abuse, with some of the most common being:

  • Physical abuse, including hitting, pushing, or any form of physical contact to cause a resident harm
  • Emotional abuse, such as isolation, insults, or any behavior to control and cause psychological harm and distress
  • Neglect and abandonment, such as failing to supervise or provide adequate care to a resident
  • Financial exploitation, such as when an employee obtains access to a patient’s finances and uses the funds for their personal gain
  • Sexual abuse, including any unwanted touching

During a consultation, a New Orleans nursing home abuse attorney could provide insight into the forms and signs of abuse, as well as the steps to take to address such transgressions.

The Possible Signs and Symptoms of Abuse

Watching for the potential signs of abuse is crucial for protecting loved ones in nursing home facilities. When there are reasons to suspect a resident is suffering abuse, reporting the facility to the authorities can help protect them and other residents.

The most common signs of abuse to watch for are bruises, physical marks from restraints, and any other unexplained injuries. Abused residents may also become withdrawn or show no interest in activities they once enjoyed. Finally, be mindful of bank account balances and the valuable possessions residents keep in their rooms.

Nursing Home Residents Have Legal Rights

A nursing home patient has the same rights as any other United States citizen or permanent resident. In particular, they have the right to dignity and self-determination, as well as the authority to make essential decisions regarding their own healthcare.

According to Louisiana Revised Statutes § 2010.8, nursing home facilities must protect residents’ rights; they must adopt a statement of rights and responsibilities that includes:

  • The ability to exercise rights as they so choose
  • The freedom of religious and civil liberties
  • The right to privacy and uncensored communication
  • The right to quality care and treatment by caregivers and nursing home staff
  • The right to information regarding their healthcare, physicians, and any other essential matters
  • The right to live comfortably, free of restraints except for in emergencies, and without neglect or abuse

Should a facility violate these rights or continue to allow violations to occur, it could be the target of a lawsuit. A compassionate nursing home abuse lawyer in New Orleans could investigate any reports of wrongful behavior and help protect residents through a legal claim.

Meet With a New Orleans Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

When you first suspect the nursing home caregivers or staff you trusted is causing your loved one harm, you may feel helpless. Abusive actions can have severe and lasting consequences on your loved one, both physically and psychologically. You should not let this stand.

The most important thing you can do is take quick action—report the facility and pursue legal action to hold them financially accountable. Call our New Orleans nursing home abuse lawyer to review your case. Scott Vicknair, LLC works on a contingency basis and you will not have to pay for legal representation unless you collect an award for damages.

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