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When people are injured in vehicle-related accidents, negligence on the part of a driver is often the ultimate cause. That’s not always the case, however. Sometimes an accident is caused by a negligent auto parts manufacturer rather than driver error. That can be the core reason for an injury in either single-vehicle accidents or multi-vehicle collisions. In either situation, a product liability attorney with experience in vehicle cases is crucial to protecting yourself legally and pursuing a full financial recovery.

How Defective Auto Parts Cause Injuries

Safety defects that can lead to harm usually arise from some sort of problem during manufacturing, such as producing parts with inferior materials that may easily break. The vehicle also could have been incorrectly assembled due to poorly maintained machinery or lack of employee training. Some dangerous defects don’t occur on the assembly line at all but instead take place later when parts are damaged in transit or at the dealership before being sold to an unsuspecting customer.

When these sorts of defects result in serious injury, you may want to pursue a product liability claim against the party responsible for the danger. Specific defective automobile parts contributing to an accident, or making injuries in a crash worse than they would have been, can include:

  • Airbags failing to deploy properly
  • Automatic breaking features incorrectly deploying in heavy traffic
  • Bad wiring that can easily catch fire
  • Brake or gas pedals sticking to the floor
  • Excessive brake pad wearing through otherwise normal usage
  • Seatbelts that can release too easily during a collision
  • Steering components that fracture during normal use
  • Tires susceptible to blowouts in regular driving conditions
  • Vehicle designs that can easily cause rollovers
  • Weak frames where the sides or roof can easily cave in during a wreck

Pursuing Compensation for Defective Auto Part Injuries

Obviously, those dangerous parts may cause catastrophic injuries that come with astronomical medical costs and a significant reduction in quality of life. Victims who escape the accident without permanent effects will still likely lose out on income while recovering. Defective auto parts are capable of causing injuries such as:

When any of these injuries occur due to a defective vehicle part, you have the legal right to recover damages from the liable party. Unfortunately, large auto parts manufacturers typically have significant resources to defend themselves and try to evade responsibility for your pain and suffering. That’s why you need an attorney with litigation experience to help file a product liability claim.

Whether you were hurt because of a defective part in your own vehicle or in a crash where the other driver’s car had defective equipment, a New Orleans defective auto part attorney can help identify the liable party. That process involves gathering all the necessary evidence to establish ultimate responsibility, such as manufacturer records, police reports, product recall details, medical documentation, and accident reconstruction experts.

The party who is legally liable for your damages could be the actual vehicle company that produces a specific make and model, such as in cases where an overall design flaw led to the accident. A different manufacturer who produced a specific part not built directly by the primary auto company could also be the culprit. Regardless of who is specifically at fault, with the help of a skilled New Orleans attorney, you can seek compensation such as:

  • Funeral costs if a loved one died in the accident
  • Lost income while recovering
  • Lost future earning potential
  • Medical bills and costs for rehabilitative therapies
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages to discourage parts manufacturers from making faulty parts in the future

Learn if You Have a Case With a New Orleans Defective Auto Parts Attorney

Did you or someone close to you get hurt by a vehicle with a clear safety defect? Schedule a consultation with a legal professional to discuss your case and find the best path forward to protect your financial future. The trial-savvy legal team at Scott Vicknair is ready to defend you aggressively while holding the liable party responsible. Get in touch to schedule an appointment through our online portal or by calling us.

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