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When you are hurt while working at sea or on a cruise, it can have serious consequences, especially because you may have had little to no access to doctors, hospitals, and treatments. If a negligent person or unsafe environment caused your injury, you may be able to get financial compensation under maritime laws such as the Jones Act. Because these laws are so different from shoreside regulations, you may want to work with a Cut Off offshore injury lawyer.

Our experienced maritime attorneys have worked with many clients who were hurt at sea and needed our help to get paid for their injuries. We have the time and resources to guide you through the claims process and take care of the legal work for you, like filing a lawsuit or requesting documents. Another benefit of working with us is you do not pay any legal fees unless we win your case and help you get compensation.

Types of Offshore Injuries and Accidents

Many types of accidents and injuries occur at sea because of the wide range of activities and work. For example, oil rig explosions or spills can leave survivors with significant burn injuries, eye or lung damage, or traumatic brain injuries. If a cruise ship encounters dangerous storms, people can slip and fall while on deck or walking down the stairs, causing a concussion or a broken arm.

Amputation or bone-crushing injuries could occur when a worker gets a body part stuck in heavy machinery (like winches) on a commercial fishing boat. Poor safety training or equipment, such as not having the right helmets or gear to protect workers in a hazardous job environment, can also lead to accidents. Workers who do not have access to this protective gear are at higher risk of getting hurt.

A special set of maritime laws holds ship owners and others accountable when they cause harm to workers or passengers while at sea. Offshore injury attorneys in Cut Off know these laws well and could help injured people understand and protect their right to recover damages.

Seeking Money for an Offshore Injury

The laws that apply to people and items while on land are different than for those at sea. For example, if a worker gets hurt while on a shoreside job (like at a construction site), they could file for workers’ compensation. Commercial fishermen injured while on a fishing expedition might have to file a claim under Title 46 of the United States Code.

Injured seamen who win their cases could get money for things like their medical treatment, lost earnings, pain, and suffering. The damages available to injured cruise ship passengers can change from one case to another based on the cause of their injury and the waivers they signed when they bought the ticket. Offshore injury attorneys in Cut Off know what it takes to win these cases and how to help people negotiate a fair settlement.

Call an Offshore Injury Attorney in Cut Off for Help

You deserve to get paid for injuries you sustained because of a negligent cruise operator or ship owner. Maritime laws may allow you to file a lawsuit to recover a financial award and you can help set yourself up for success by working with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Our dedicated team could help you get justice for the injuries you got while out at sea for work or pleasure. Contact a Cut Off offshore injury lawyer at Scott Vicknair to schedule an initial appointment. Your consultation is free, and you will not have to pay us anything unless we win your case.

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