Our client was on his way to work in the construction industry when, early in the morning at the corner of Perkins Road and College Drive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an 18-wheeler decided to cut a turn too close and sideswiped the truck our client was riding in, which was then dragged down the street by the 18-wheeler. Our client was violently thrown and jostled around in the truck. He immediately realized he was hurt and sought out medical treatment to address his pain. He tried chiropractic care, which, unfortunately, didn’t help. He had to stop working construction, which he had done for years before the 18-wheeler caused his injuries and was eventually diagnosed with a lower back herniation and tear. These injuries, and his ongoing pain, necessitated pain management treatment in the form of epidural steroid injections. His doctors advised that he would likely need additional treatment, such as medical branch blocks and/or surgical intervention.

The insurance company consistently undervalued the claim and was offering only $50,000.00 for over a year. So, we continued to do what we do best- fight for the win! We prepared our client and our team for court. In the weeks leading up to the trial, we were able to get a $250,000.00 settlement for our client. He is thrilled to be able to move past this incident and focus on his family, who are celebrating their son’s upcoming high school graduation- the first male in their family to do so!