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Working and living near the water has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks — after all, injuries and accidents can happen on land or water. At the North Shore LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC, we understand that no matter how prepared you might be, the unexpected still happens. That is why we have lawyers that specialize in injury cases that involve offshore injuries, brain injuries, and even wrongful deaths. Our personal injury lawyers and maritime lawyers understand that a case is always stressful regardless of if it happens on land or while on the water. That is why they have put together a list of their top three favorite places to visit around town where they go to destress from a case. Check out their favorites, and then contact a lawyer at Scott Vicknair, LLC today for help.

Our Services

We offer coverage for both land and water accidents with personal injury lawyers and maritime lawyers. Our attorneys cover many different types of cases and have worked on offshore injury cases, brain injury cases, and wrongful death cases. Offshore injuries, brain injuries, and wrongful death injuries can all happen on land or off. Depending on your case, we have an attorney that has experience in that area and can help!

Brain injuries on land can consist of slip and fall accidents, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. Brain injuries offshore can be caused by boating accidents or even faulty equipment. Wrongful deaths on land are often due to medical malpractice or distracted driving. Wrongful deaths on the water can be due to poorly maintained swimming areas or missing caution signs for dangerous spots. The common thread of all injury cases is not where they happen but how: injury cases are caused due to the negligence of someone else. Whether your injuries are offshore or on, contact Scott Vicknair, LLC for help. In the meantime, check out our favorite places to relax and take a break from your case at:

Northshore Beach, North Shore LA

Located just over thirty minutes away from the North Shore LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC, Northshore Beach, in North Shore, LA is part of Fontainebleau State Park. Whether you’re looking to suntan or swim, the beach provides a safe haven from the stress of a case with an offshore injury lawyer. Northshore Beach is free and open to the public, located along Lake Pontchartrain. It has several amenities available for visitors such as RV-friendly parking spaces, changing rooms, and publish restrooms with showers.

Enjoy the beautiful sand and sun when you spend a day at the beach, away from your case with an offshore injury lawyer. If you have been hurt in an accident and you are in need of handicap-accessible areas, Northshore Beach, North Shore LA has two pavilions you can relax in that also offer shade if you are visiting during the summer. There are several picnic tables located throughout the area for public use. Parking is free. Listen to the calming sounds of the waves, enjoy the sea breeze, and once you have cleared your mind, contact our personal injury lawyers or maritime lawyers.

Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge North Shore LA

Located just under an hour away from the North Shore LA Law Firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC, Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge in North Shore, LA s located along the banks of Lake Ponchartrain. The refuge is home to 15,000 acres of land that range from pine flatwoods to marshes on the coast. Working with a brain injury lawyer on a case can be both mentally and physically exhausting, but the Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge North Shore LA offers a safe haven for wildlife and visitors alike to spend time protected in nature, taking in its beauty.

In fact, the brain injury lawyer from the firm recommends taking up bird watching at the refuge — it is a peaceful pastime that is accessible to everyone. If you want to be more active, the Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge North Shore LA offers several walking trails you can follow. Make sure to grab a map at the main offices before setting off. If you want to learn more about nature, check out the refuge’s schedule of upcoming, free nature courses. Watch the birds, learn something new, and recenter yourself at the refuge.

Fritchie Park North Shore LA

Located just over thirty minutes away from the North Shore LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC, Fritchie Park in North Shore, LA is the ultimate outdoor space for sports lovers. The park is home to around one hundred and seventy acres of sports facilities. After losing a loved one, it can be difficult to process your loss, as a wrongful death lawyer fully understands. Participating in active pastimes can help work out your grief, anger, sadness, and more in a very healthy manner.

Play a game of softball on the two softball fields or check out a baseball game on the singular baseball field. If you need to stretch your legs, Fritchie Park North Shore LA also has a few walking trails available. Additionally, the park is dog friendly, so bring along your furry best friend — bring along your two-legged friends as well and enjoy a picnic in the covered pavilion. If you are working with a wrongful death lawyer after losing a loved one, the park is also a wonderful place to celebrate your loved one’s life, particularly if they enjoyed sports and the outdoors. Take a walk, play a game of ball, and enjoy a picnic with friends and family alike before contacting personal injury lawyers for help.

A Few More Suggestions

The above locations are some of our favorites, but we have more than just these three places that we suggest! If you are looking for more activities to do, here are some more suggestions below. Give them a look, and then contact our firm if you are in need of assistance.

  • Insta-Gator Ranch: Learn all about alligators and crocodiles while getting up close and personal with them! Head over at the end of summer to see some reptiles hatch. You may even get to hold one or two and put them in the water yourself.
  • Tammany Trace: Check out this 31-mile path perfect for hikers or bikers — or even just some really adventurous walkers.
  • Kayak Tour: There are several wonderful companies that offer local kayak tours, all of which we highly recommend! Spend a day away from your stress on the water, learning more about the area and all the wildlife it has to offer.
  • HJ Smith & Sons Museum: This museum features some wild attractions that we do not want to spoil, so we recommend just seeing it all for yourself. Also, this is a general store!
  • Farmers Markets: there are some truly amazing farmers markets in the area where you can get a taste of locally grown products, year-round.
  • Acquistapace Market: This market features Louisiana’s largest wine selection. Taste some amazing vintages, and pair them with gourmet food and cheese at the market.
  • Dew Drop Jazz Hall: Take in a beautiful concert or one of the many events that happen year-round at the jazz hall.
  • Fontainebleau State Park: Home to trails, cabins, and a beach area you can get away from it all at the park and take in some sugar mill ruins too.
  • Abita Mystery House: There is no good way to describe this amazing, wonderous place. It is a museum of sorts filled with some of the strangest yet most wonderful handmade art exhibits you will see. The mystery house is sure to get your mind off working with a North Shore, LA law firm on your personal injury case.
  • Abita Brewing Company: If a mystery house is not quite your taste, then take your taste buds to the local brewing company, which is the thirteenth largest in the United States. You can enjoy refreshing beverages and even take a tour of the location.

These are just a few more of our favorite places to visit around town. However, this list does not even begin to do justice to the area. North Shore is a bustling place home to wonderous, wacky, and diverse attractions. Before visiting, make sure to check out local event calendars to see what is coming up next because, besides the constant staples like the mystery house, you can always find something new and interesting to do at the countless events hosted around the area.

Enjoy some time learning more about the area, and then contact the personal injury lawyers at the North Shore LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC for help.

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