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As the New Orleans, LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC knows all too well, accidents can happen anywhere. When you live or work in a location near the water, it is best to be prepared for land-based or even water-based accidents. That is why our firm has both regular personal injury lawyers and maritime lawyers that are ready to jump in and help you with your case, regardless of where you have been injured. Whether you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, our attorneys understand how much stress a case can put on your entire family. That is why our lawyers have put together a list of their top three places to visit locally where they go to get away from a case. Learn more about these local favorites, and then contact an attorney at Scott Vicknair, LLC today.

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If you are injured on land, you might need to work with a car accident lawyer or even a rideshare accident lawyer. If you are injured on the water, you might need to work with a boat accident lawyer. We cover both of these areas with personal injury lawyers and maritime lawyers. There are different laws governing the land and the water, which is why it is important to work with experienced attorneys.

However, all injury accidents often result in similar issues: large medical bills, loss of the ability to work, and emotional trauma for everyone involved — including for the family of the person who has been injured. The injuries themselves can also be similar when comparing car accidents and boat accidents in particular. Injuries can range from mild cuts and bruises to severe brain and even spinal cord injuries. A personal injury lawyer will be able to represent your case fairly so that you get the compensation you deserve from the negligent person that caused your accident. Working with a lawyer can be very mentally taxing as you have to relive your accident on a regular basis. That’s why our attorneys want to provide fun places for you to visit so your mind can take a break! Check them out below, and then contact an attorney from the New Orleans, LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC for help.

Duncan Plaza New Orleans, LA

Located just under ten minutes away from the New Orleans, LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC, Duncan Plaza in New Orleans, LA is truly at the heart of downtown New Orleans. If you plan to stay awhile, rent an amazing apartment and enjoy views of downtown as well as nearby historical monuments. Duncan Plaza is conveniently located at several nearby attractions and restaurants, which you can walk to from the plaza. If you are currently working with a car accident lawyer, the plaza is a great place to center yourself so that you can avoid driving which may trigger some trauma from your accident.

Duncan Plaza in New Orleans, LA is truly a convenient place to be, and if you’ve been injured in an accident, having so many amenities nearby can help your recovery run smoothly. If you are visiting the area, check out the nearby local attractions of ghost tours, cemetery tours, walking tours, and even a jazz cruise! Bursting with vibrant life, Duncan Plaza in New Orleans, LA is sure to take your mind off your case with a car accident lawyer. Enjoy one of the many attractions, and then contact personal injury lawyers or maritime lawyers at the New Orleans, LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC for help.

Woldenberg Park New Orleans, LA

Located just under ten minutes away from the New Orleans, LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC, Woldenberg Park is comprised of about 16 acres of land along the riverfront. Founded in the 1980s, the park was unveiled as part of the World’s Fair. It is known for its wide, paved walkways that are accessible to everyone. If you are working with a boat accident lawyer and have been injured, the park is handicap accessible.

Located on the waterfront, Woldenberg Park New Orleans, LA is home to access points for steamboats and dinner cruises. The park often hosts public art exhibits, and it is known to be frequented by musicians who play for passersby. You might be working with a boat accident lawyer on a case, but our lawyers understand that your love for the water never goes away. However, accidents might make it harder to get back on a boat, so the park is a great way to enjoy the riverfront without leaving dry land. Stroll through the park to take in the ambiance, and make sure to check its event calendar throughout the year for unique, fun attractions. After enjoying the park, contact the law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC for help.

The National WWII Museum New Orleans, LA

Located just under ten minutes away from the New Orleans, LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC, the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, LA is like taking a step back into history. The museum is made up of five pavilions that are home to over one-quarter of a million of artifacts from WWII. Also known as the National D-Day Museum, this wonderful location is the perfect place to get your mind off a case with a rideshare accident lawyer. Additionally, the exhibits offered inside the museum offer a wide variety of themes that are sure to appeal to all audiences.

Spend a day at the museum and check out one of their many specialty guided tours you can take that cover a wide range of WWII topics from immersive displays to a special look at items not on display to the general public. Plus, if you have been injured, the National WWII Museum New Orleans, LA is completely accessible to everyone so your injuries will not prevent you from enjoying the exhibits, as our rideshare accident lawyer is excited to let you know.

Keep the Fun Going

Now that you know our top favorite places to visit, we wanted to share a few more options that the personal injury lawyers at the New Orleans LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC recommend for you. These locations are becoming more and more popular around the office, and we hope to see you at some of them. After you’ve spent time clearing your mind, contact our firm to get back to your case.

  • Steamboat Cruise: There are actually multiple steamboat cruises you can pick from that include everything from dinner to even one that has jazz concerts. These cruises are a beautiful way to spend an evening on the water.
  • Airboat Rides: You cannot go wrong by taking an airboat ride. Feel the breeze, enjoy the scenery, and learn more about the beautiful wonders of the area from your captain. Airboat rides are incredibly thrilling, and they are a great distraction from a case with a New Orleans LA law firm you might be working with.
  • Plantation Tours: If you are a history buff, then New Orleans is the perfect place for you. There are several plantations still standing around the area where you can take tours and learn the history of the area.
  • Ghost Tours: New Orleans is famous for voodoo, so make sure to check out one of the many ghost tours offered in the city. Every tour company offers different types of tours with themes ranging from ghosts to voodoo to vampires, to generic mystery tours. There are also tours that are just of the many cemeteries in the area if you are interested in those.
  • City Tours: From walking tours to bus tours, there is sure to be something that interests you about the city. There are several different tours offered that are just on the general history of the city. If you want something a little more to your taste, you can also take food walking tours where you visit local restaurants and try all the delicacies they have to offer.
  • Carriage Rides: As with everything else in New Orleans, you can choose to take a spooky carriage ride around town for a thrill, or you can grab your significant other and opt to take a romantic ride around the city.
  • Pub Crawls: Besides being famous for voodoo, New Orleans is also famous for its many pubs. You can take a pub crawl tour where you visit local pubs, learn about their history, and most importantly, you can try the drinks they have to offer.
  • Ziplines: There are a plethora of ziplines you can zip on through the swamps in the area. Blast through trees, over water, and maybe even a gator or two.

We hope this list provides you with a few more fun options to take advantage of in the area. New Orleans has lots to offer, and we are sure you will find something that appeals to everyone in your family. After you’ve spent time exploring, contact the personal injury lawyers at the New Orleans LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC for help.

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