Today’s guest is someone we respect greatly and have really looked up to as we’ve gotten to know her more and more over the years. Voris Vigee is the president and CEO of Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana and someone who has been serving New Orleans and the state for decades. Voris originally came to Louisiana with aspirations of becoming a pediatrician and serving impoverished neighborhoods. She chose Xavier University for medical school and got a job working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to help support herself. One of the individuals she met there changed her life and led her on this path to where she is today.

In this episode, we’ll spend time talking with Voris about her background in philanthropy and why she was called to served many years ago. Plus, we will learn more about Volunteers of America and the Southeast Louisiana affiliate that she’s been involved with for more than 20 years. It’s an organization that provides incredibly valuable services to a 16 parishes in our state and we’ve seen first-hand the impact they’ve made. We are grateful for Voris’s time and hope you enjoy learning more about this great organization.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

1:12 – Her background

4:58 – Preparing for this leadership role

11:13 – Collaborative leadership

13:38 – What is Volunteers of America?

18:03 – How VOA serves the community

24:25 – Hand up not handout

30:26 – Leadership lessons

34:55 – Her superpower