Evolving Your Health – Tips for Improved Fitness & Exercise with Blake Barbera

Each of us faces that daily struggle of balancing work and family while trying to find time to address our health and fitness needs. It’s often easier to learn to live with the pain rather than taking the time to find someone who can help you.

That’s why we wanted to bring on a good friend of ours to address a problem that needs improvement. Blake Barbera, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, is a Thibodaux native and the owner and founder of Evolve Rehab & Recovery. He began his business about a year ago after working in a traditional PT clinic in order to help provide a higher level of focus, attention and direction for people.

His approach is aimed to make the journey to improved health easier for people and we want to learn more about that. So we’re going to talk with him about health and fitness but we’ll focus on therapy and long-term fitness, treatment and tips you can use. Sometimes the hardest part is just taking action and we hope this show will help motivate you to do just that.

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