You may or may not be paying any attention to the case against a Texas law firm and their representation of clients with hurricane claims in Louisiana, but this is a news story that catches the attention of anyone in the legal arena. Today we’re going to discuss three different topics on the podcast, but this story out of the Western District of Louisiana is in the news right now and we wanted to share our perspective on what’s going on.

Houston-based law firm McClenny, Moseley & Associates was hit with $2 million in fines by the Insurance Commission after a judge found that they misrepresented more than 850 clients. David and Brad will unpack the details of the case and talk about the implications of this penalty and suspension. Plus, they’ll also spend time on the looming debt crisis and the fire sale in commercial real estate along with the writers’ strike and AI replacing workers.

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Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:24 – Looming debt crisis and commercial real estate

10:04 – The writers’ strike in Hollywood and technology changes

15:18 – Texas law firm hit with $2 million in fines from the Insurance Commission