Join us on a rollercoaster ride through the world’s strangest happenings in our Weird Circle News segment, where we explore the bizarre, the hilarious, and the downright unbelievable. From an Italian court’s eviction of two grown sons to the unexpected outcome of a football game following the ejection of a fan in a penis costume, we’re discussing some of the craziest stories that caught our attention recently. Don’t miss the scoop on the US Department of Agriculture’s fish-flavored solution to rabies, the peculiar case of a man’s meat-rubbing, skillet-breaking hallucinogenic frenzy, and more.

We will also tackle a much more serious issue in our society, which is the declining trust in institutions and the media’s battle with misinformation. We share some stats that might raise a few eyebrows and discuss the importance of critical thinking and dependable resources in our digital landscape, where unchecked facts run rampant, and conspiracy theories blossom.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:59 – Weird news

9:00 – The lack of trust in America

15:03 – How do we fix misinformation?