Analyzing Legalities in Sports and Retail with Caitlin Carrigan

Join us on this episode as we navigate through the complex and intriguing world of golf and law, with our senior litigation attorney, Caitlin Carrigan. Listen in as we dissect the ongoing battle between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, touching on Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’s involvement in the mix. We explore the legal and antitrust implications of this heated merger, diving into geopolitical issues related to Saudi Arabia and the US.

But our hot-button issues don’t stop there. We take a detour to the bustling world of retail, specifically scrutinizing the recent controversy surrounding Lululemon’s stringent theft policy. What happens when a laudable goal to curtail theft clashes with employee safety and rights? Kaitlyn offers her legal insight and we unpack the startling statistic of a $94.5 billion annual shrink rate, grappling with the cost of theft, fraud, and employee errors on retailers.

We’ll finish up by moving to the cutting-edge world of AI and its implications for theft prevention. Investigating a recent incident at a local business on Magazine Street in New Orleans, we look at the potential impact of laws prohibiting companies from using AI to reduce theft. Striking a delicate balance between leveraging AI for security purposes and protecting customer data and privacy, this episode promises to be a fruitful journey through the maze of legal, retail, and technological landscapes.

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