In this episode of the show, David and Brad go live to sound off on two topics they’ve been paying close attention to and then answer a great question from a listener. From a PGA Tour Cinderella story to the dangers of spending too much time online, we hope today’s conversation gives you a lot to think about. Did you get a chance to see PGA professional Michael Block’s life-changing performance at the PGA Championship? The father and California teaching pro tied for 15th for a $288k payout and future opportunities to compete on the Tour. It was an incredible moment to watch play out in real time, but there’s a lot we can take and apply to our own lives.

Then we’ll spend some time on the alarming rise in time we’re spending online and connected. The trend is worse among young people and it’s leading to serious mental health problems. This idea of ‘doom scrolling’ is something that’s been on our minds so let’s talk about how we can make changes. Please make sure to follow the show wherever you listen to podcasts and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on everything.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:45 – Michael Block’s Cinderella story

11:34 – 3 takeaways from this story that we can all use

16:22 – If we weren’t lawyers, what would we be doing?

17:45 – A concerning trend in how much we time we spend online

19:57 – The negative impact it’s having on mental health for children