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Major burn injuries can be painful and expensive to treat, and can lead to long-lasting effects on your quality of life. If another person caused your burn through careless or reckless behavior, then it is only right that they pay to compensate you for the injury.

An experienced catastrophic injury attorney could make sure you get compensation by evaluating and managing your case. If a severe burn has impacted your life, seek assistance from a New Orleans burn injury lawyer.

Effects of Burn Injuries

The way that a burn will impact a person’s body can be divided into a few categories. First- and second-degree burns commonly heal within a few days or weeks if they are cleaned and bandaged appropriately.

Third-degree burns, however, may require skin grafts to repair the burned area, and severe, permanent scars are possible. Occupational or physical therapy may also be necessary to make sure any joints near the burned area can still move properly. Additionally, other medical conditions can develop due to the burn, such as infections, low blood pressure, or even organ failure.

Because of the wide range of outcomes and potential complications, it is important to hire a New Orleans lawyer with experience handling burn injury cases. A lawyer with the proper experience could help make sure the amount paid in damages is enough to provide compensation for the full impact of the injury.

Responsibility for Burn Injuries

Burns can happen in a variety of contexts. People usually think about thermal burns, which are caused by fire, hot water, or touching a hot surface, like a stove. But burns commonly occur from other substances as well, such as chemical spills, electric shocks, or radiation.

Burns also happen in many different places, such as at home, while driving, or while at a restaurant. The context in which the burn occurs can have a big impact on who might be responsible and the type of lawsuit necessary for a person to recover compensation.

For example, a burn might occur if a stove malfunctions, or a pot with scalding water tips over due to a design defect. In these situations, the manufacturer of the defective product that caused the burn may be responsible in a product liability action. Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:2800.54 states if the product is being used in its intended way, then the manufacturer is responsible for any characteristic of their product that makes it more dangerous than would reasonably be expected.

Similarly, R. S. 23:1031 provides for workers’ compensation claims. This means if a person suffers a burn at work while doing their job, they can seek compensation directly from their employer.

It is critical a person with a burn injury seeks help from a skilled New Orleans lawyer who could evaluate the specific facts of the case, identify the appropriate legal theory, and pursue compensation from the correct person.

Seek Help From a Burn Injury Attorney in New Orleans

If you received a burn or other injuries because of a defective product or someone else’s careless actions, it is not right for you to bear the full financial burden alone. While you are trying to stay above water on your medical costs, you might be hesitant to take on legal fees as well—but we do not collect any attorney’s fees unless we help you win compensation.

Call a New Orleans burn injury lawyer at Scott Vicknair today to see how they can help.

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