Motorcycle Accidents

Bike fests and hog rallies are a common sight around Louisiana, especially in the spring and summer months. While many motorists know to keep an eye out for motorcycles, it only takes a moment’s distraction for a serious accident to occur. Motorcycle fans deserve the same level of safety as anyone else on the road, and when they are hurt by negligence, they have the right to pursue compensation for their injuries.

Common Motorcycle Crash Causes in Louisiana

Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes feature significantly higher fatality rates than accidents between cars or trucks. A rider is much more likely to suffer a life-altering injury or even die in a crash than occupants of passenger vehicles. That’s what makes these common causes of NOLA motorcycle crashes so dangerous:

  • Defective parts – In some cases, the liable party may not be another driver at all, but rather the manufacturer of a defective part (such as brakes or tires) that bears responsibility for your injury.
  • Distracted driving – Drivers put everyone on the road at risk when they argue with passengers in the back seat, fiddle with knobs, swap out discs, or otherwise fail to exercise the basic duty of care required by law. This behavior can be a serious hazard even when the vehicle is stationary, such as if a driver or passenger opens their door into the street without checking for any motorcyclists who may be passing by first.
  • Drunk or drugged driving – Anyone under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will typically be found at fault for a motorcycle crash, but it’s also important to note that the driver may have been negligent by getting behind the wheel while using completely legal prescription medications that impair driving ability.
  • Lange change collisions – Drivers of cars, busses, or commercial cargo tracks may not notice a motorcycle if they don’t check their blind spot before switching lanes.
  • Lane splitting – Cyclists can be seriously hurt if they straddle the line between two lanes to pass traffic. In many cases, the rider will be found at fault in this type of accident, but in some circumstances, there may have been negligent behavior by someone else on the road.
  • Left turns – Much like with lane change collisions, this extremely common motorcycle accident typically occurs when a driver doesn’t look for a cyclist before beginning to turn.
  • Road hazards – Potholes and inclement weather are always concerns, but other crashes on the road can be dangerous for motorcyclists, such as if an improperly loaded long-haul truck has overturned and spilled cargo on the road.
  • Traffic violations – Speeding, reckless driving, and illegal lane changes can all make a driver liable if they cause a motorcycle crash.
  • Tired driving – Hitting the road while fatigued can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated, and easily result in motorcyclists suffering severe harm.

Survivors of motorcycle crashes may deal with wounds like bone fractures, soft tissue damage, internal bleeding, disfigurement, or traumatic brain injury. They can often expect lengthy recovery times and, in some cases, even permanent disability. Thankfully, if you or a loved one were harmed in a motorcycle crash, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for your costs.

Unfortunately, the all-too-common bias against motorcycle enthusiasts often leads other parties in the crash to assume anyone on a bike was automatically responsible for the accident. An experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney can help you overcome those biases to prove exactly who was at fault while fighting for the full and fair amount you deserve.

Speak With an Experienced NOLA Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Whether an insurance company denied your claim in bad faith or you need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver responsible for your pain and suffering, we want to talk with you. The trial-ready team of legal professionals at the Scott Vicknair Law Firm is eager to hear about your case. Contact us today to find out if we are the right fit to protect your legal rights in court.

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