Brain/Spinal Cord Injuries

Suffering any damage to the spinal column during an accident is likely to end in long-term rehabilitation and costly medical expenses. The issue of cost is frequently made worse because victims of spinal cord injuries are often unable to continue working after the accident. If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault, and you aren’t sure how to cover your bills, a skilled lawyer can help with the financial side of your recovery while you focus on the physical and emotional hurdles ahead.

Types of Spinal Cord Injury Treatments

Not all spinal cord injuries are the same, and the range of effects can vary widely depending on the type and severity of the original accident. Whether you were hurt in a wreck caused by a drunk driver, a slip and fall accident, or were the victim of intentional violence, you will have a long and expensive road to recovery.

Specific spinal wounds can range from blood clots and herniated discs to complete spinal cord injuries causing loss of motor control beneath the impact site. You could also permanently lose sensation in specific body parts. Spinal damage additionally often leads to secondary medical issues like respiratory problems, bladder and bowel control difficulty, anxiety and depression, and susceptibility to infections. Treatments for any given type of spinal cord injury may include:

  • Experimental neuroprotection and cell-based therapies
  • Immobilization to prevent further damage, which could last weeks or months
  • Medication
  • Occupation therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation sessions with nurses and psychologists
  • Spinal surgery

It is also critical for anyone with a spinal injury to build up a personal support system. That should include friends, family, and doctors, obviously, but also local agencies and groups that can help with transportation to appointments or other daily living arrangements. Part of that support system should also include an advocate with knowledge of both spinal cord injuries and the legal complexities of a catastrophic personal injury case.

How An Attorney Can Help With the Financial Strain of a Spinal Cord Injury

Your best shot at a complete financial recovery is through a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party. That requires hiring a legal professional who can stand up to the person or business who is responsible for your injury while fighting for the full compensation you deserve.

An attorney can handle the legal paperwork that must be filed within Louisiana’s strict statute of limitations on injury cases, but that’s just the beginning. Your representative also investigates the accident to gain the evidence necessary for a trial. An attorney’s job is to effectively tell your story in court, proving that the at-fault party’s negligent behavior caused the accident that led to your injury.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident and what specific kind of spinal cord injury you suffered, you could potentially recover damages from the liable party such as:

  • Current and past medical bills stemming from the accident
  • Estimated future medical costs in cases of long-term or permanent spinal cord injuries
  • Income lost during time spent in the hospital or recovering at home
  • Lost earning potential if the spinal cord injury keeps you from working or forces you to take a lower-paying job with fewer hours
  • In-home care costs if you require assistance bathing, dressing, etc.
  • Non-economic damages to cover your pain, suffering, and lost quality of life
  • Out-of-pocket costs when getting treatment for a spinal injury
  • Wrongful death if a loved one passed away after suffering a severe spinal cord injury

Talk to an Experienced Louisiana Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

Compensation in a spinal cord case can be substantial, which means insurance adjusters and the negligent driver or business owner will likely try to avoid paying what you actually deserve. That’s why it is crucial to have a trial-ready attorney standing up for your legal rights. Did you or someone you love suffer a spinal cord injury in an accident? Send a message online here for a callback or call the Scott Vicknair law firm directly to schedule an appointment at (504) 500-1111.

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