How Birth Injuries Happen

How Birth Injuries Happen

A birth injury is one of the most difficult ordeals new mothers can go through. When it is time to deliver a baby, mothers expect to receive the highest quality care. Unfortunately, negligence can result in the mother or child suffering a preventable injury. If you have been a victim of a birth injury and would like to file a claim, it is advised that you talk to a lawyer right away. The longer that you delay getting a consultation, the less time that you will have to get legal counsel that can influence the outcome of your case in your favor. A birth injury can happen in many ways, such as the following conditions described below.


Hypoxia is defined as a lack of oxygen that is being sent to the body’s tissues. When the body does not receive sufficient oxygen, it can lead to cognitive defects and delayed development. The conditions can be temporary or permanent. Regardless of the severity of the complication, it can still pose a risk of long term effects. When a child does not receive enough oxygen to their body, they can suffer severe medical complications. This is common in a number of birth injury cases.


An injury that many birth injury lawyers see in cases involve bruises or harm caused by forceps, an instrument used to hold the baby’s head. Improper use of forceps or when forceps are used too aggressively can cause damage to a child’s skull or brain, as a Maryland birth injury lawyer like one from Cohen & Cohen can explain. It can leave an indentation on the head or even cause severe bruising. If you believe that your child’s injury was caused by a medical professional who did not use forceps correctly, consult a lawyer.


Infants have highly delicate bodies and skeletal systems. Their bones are incredibly soft, making them vulnerable to birth injuries such as fractures of bones like the clavicle. A child can suffer a fracture during the birthing process if they are not handled properly by medical staff or if they are having a difficult time passing through the birth canal. Fortunately, fractures typically take a short time to heal in infants, however the medical experts can be high.

Facial Paralysis

When the baby suffers damage to the nerves on its face facial paralysis can occur. These are one of the more serious types of birth injuries. The nerves in a baby’s eyes are usually affected. However, his condition is often temporary, so infants typically recover in a matter of weeks.

If you have suffered a birth injury recently that you believe was the result of negligence, do not wait to consult a lawyer who can give you valuable legal help right away. Birth injuries or birth trauma that occurred because of negligence should not be ignored and you should not be the one responsible to pay for the expenses as a victim. Contact a trusted birth injury lawyer who can give you legal counsel in your area right away.