How A Slip And Fall Causes Head Injuries

How A Slip And Fall Causes Head Injuries

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No matter where a slip and fall accident happens, I understand that you may want to get up as quickly as possible, look around to see if anyone was watching, and get out of there just as fast. Our friends at MartinWren, P.C. will share that, of all the personal injury accidents a person can encounter, this type lends itself to leaving the most evidence unaccounted for. Those injured may want to leave the accident scene out of embarrassment. However, doing so can mean that you forfeit necessary evidence for your injury case if you choose to file later. Slip and fall injuries can cause severe injuries, including head injuries, that should be taken seriously. If you’ve received a head injury from a slip and fall accident, it’s time to seek help from our lawyers who can work on your claim.

What kinds of head injuries can you sustain from a slip and fall accident?

When someone is expecting to fall, they have a better chance of catching themselves before they hit their head. This might lead them to get a twisted ankle, an injured hip, or a broken arm in an attempt to protect themselves from hitting their head. However, when you’re going about your day on someone else’s property and unexpectedly slip and fall, you may not be able to react quickly enough to protect your head. In such cases, our slip and fall lawyers understand that you may be suffering from one or more head injuries.


A concussion is an injury that most people have likely heard of and many might not take as seriously. While it’s true that you can recover just fine and get back to life as normal after a concussion, they can also cause changes in moods, behavior, and ability to go about daily tasks. It’s possible for a serious concussion to permanently alter the way your brain works.


A hematoma can put pressure on your brain due to blood clots forming. If a doctor does not relieve this pressure, it can cause permanent brain function loss.


A contusion, a fancy word for a “bruise”, happens when you hit your head and your brain starts to bleed. Though it’s possible to only get a very small contusion, others can be bigger and even require surgery to have them removed.

Our slip and fall lawyer will tell you that these are just some of the ways that your brain can become damaged during a fall. Though not all traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) will require surgery or extensive hospital visits, you can simply never be too careful. Any time you hit your head in an accident, you should immediately seek medical care to ensure a doctor can properly diagnose you and provide the treatment you need.

If you have been in a slip and fall accident that caused a TBI, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to get compensation. Call our local law office to see how we can help you file a claim to receive fair compensation for the suffering you’ve endured.