City Business Leadership in Law 2022

City Business Leadership in Law 2022

New Orleans CityBusiness has chosen its 2022 Leadership in Law class, recognizing area professionals in the field of law for their career and community accomplishments. The honorees for the 18th annual event are:

Court associated

  • Danny Dysart
  • Barksdale Hortenstine Jr.


  • Susan F. Clade

Firm associated

  • Camille R. Bryant
  • Cami Capodice
  • Chloé M. Chetta
  • Richard F. Cortizas
  • Nicholas V. Cressy
  • Susan E. Dinneen
  • Stephen I. Dwyer
  • Katie Dysart
  • Jonathan S. Forester
  • Byron Miller Forrest
  • Amber Barlow Garcia
  • Maureen Brennan Gershanik
  • Pablo Gonzalez
  • Alan H. Goodman
  • Jackie E. Hickman
  • S. Eliza James
  • Alexis P. Joachim
  • Terrence K. Knister
  • Noah Kressler
  • Erin E. Kriksciun
  • Caroline D. Lafourcade
  • Alex Lauricella
  • Thomas J. McGoey II
  • Amy L. McIntire
  • Mark Melasky
  • Walter F. Metzinger III
  • Randy Opotowsky
  • Mike Parks
  • Daniel Plunkett
  • Aldric C. (Ric) Poirier Jr.
  • Kelly Ransom
  • R. Devin Ricci
  • Mary Ellen Roy
  • Kristi S. Schubert
  • Philip Sherman
  • Scott Sternberg
  • Adam M. Stumpf
  • Lynn E. Swanson
  • Lauren L. Tafaro
  • Paul Thibodeaux
  • Brooke C. Tigchelaar
  • Peter S. Title

David Vicknair

  • Bryant S. York

In-house counsel

  • Midge Collett
  • RuthAnne Oakey-Frost
  • Darryl M. Phillips

We are proud to announce that our own David Vicknair has been selected as a winner of the 2022 Leadership in Law Award hosted by CityBusiness! David is honored to accept the award and looks forward to continuing to serve the New Orleans community.

David Vicknair was a college football player who thought seriously about becoming a football coach after he graduated. However, a family friend who is a successful football coach steered him away from that line of work. Vicknair moved to New Orleans to enroll at Loyola Law School and hasn’t looked back. He now specializes in personal injury and maritime injury law.

Working on contingency allows Vicknair and his firm to help clients that may not be able to afford a higher rate hourly attorney, he said. Scott Vicknair is a litigation-centric firm, Vicknair said, and he always enjoys working with opposing lawyers in court.

The pandemic upended most of that as outbreaks shuttered courtrooms repeatedly. “It was a constant shifting of goalposts,” he said. “Because of COVID, it really just delayed things. We couldn’t get trial dates; we couldn’t get cases to resolution. That’s better now, but unfortunately, we’re dealing with somewhat of a backlog, but I think that’s the case across the board.”

Outside of the courtroom, Vicknair serves on the Volunteers of America Board, an organization he said makes an incredible impact on the community. Serving on the board has been a pleasure, he said, especially as the pandemic brought the need for community services to the forefront.