Today we want to take a step back and share more about who we are and how
we got here. So instead of bringing on a guest from the community, we’re shining
the spotlight on David and the journey he’s made from his roots in Thibodaux,
Brad will serve as our interviewer to find out more about David’s background in
law and the impact his family has had on his career. Find out why he decided to
pursue law over coaching and how his early legal experiences shaped his career.
Building a business has its highs and lows and we’ll share some of the challenges
and triumphs he’s experienced.
We think you will find some great business lessons and systems to help you be
successful in whatever line of work you’re in.
Here’s what we discuss in this episode:
0:00 – Intro
1:40 – Personal and family background
3:40 – Almost coached football
6:30 – Beginning of legal career
12:10 – Value of mentorship

13:40 – Why David started his own firm
18:20 – Keys to success in business
30:30 – Most rewarding cases
32:40 – What advice would he give to his younger self?
34:45 – Book recommendations