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In construction, companies often work together—or, rather, alongside one another—to complete complex projects. With so many parties and moving pieces involved in the building process, it’s not uncommon for issues, challenges, or disputes to arise and, depending on your role, your responsibilities and risks may vary. However, one thing is certain: Having a knowledgeable and experienced New Orleans construction litigation lawyer is essential to the success of your project or business. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for help.

Results-Driven New Orleans Construction Trial Lawyers

At Scott Vicknair, LLC, our accomplished attorneys have extensive experience negotiating construction-related contracts and serving as general counsel to general contractors, subcontractors, equipment rental companies, material suppliers, and other parties in the industry. Not only have we helped clients resolve multi-million-dollar construction mediation, arbitration, and litigation matters, but we’ve also earned a reputation as a trusted choice of legal counsel for those embroiled in particularly complicated, multi-party lawsuits. Regardless of your role in the construction process, our trial lawyers are focused on achieving the results you deserve.

Who—and How—We Can Help

What can we do for you? With strong legal counsel, the possibilities are endless. Oftentimes, we use our considerable knowledge and skill to help clients avoid litigation from the outset, and ensure that they have plans, procedures, policies, and contracts in place to protect their companies when something goes wrong on a construction project. Our New Orleans construction lawyers routinely handle a wide range of matters for the following types of construction industry professionals.


Developers often have considerations that are distinct and different from other parties in the construction industry. For example, they typically must ensure compliance with local and state regulatory requirements, sound income and profitability projections, and that projects stay on time and on budget.

We represent developers of all different sizes, playing a crucial role as general and litigation counsel. Our experience helps us provide wise advice and guidance, and ensure things like legal contracts, zoning land use regulations, and other considerations are in order, enabling clients to achieve profitability on their development projects. Whether you’re an owner or construction company looking for help successfully navigating the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act, a commercial or residential owner with a construction claim, or a contractor facing a legal claim filed by owners, our attorneys can assist you.

General Contractors

General contractors have complex and wide-ranging responsibilities throughout the construction project and, with those responsibilities, comes the potential for challenges and liabilities around every corner. Don’t approach your company’s next building project unprepared. Let our exceptional construction attorneys go through each aspect of your project with you to ensure your rights are protected, possible liabilities are mitigated, and your business can more effectively perform its general contractor services.

Subcontractors, Tradesman, and Laborers

Scott Vicknair, LLC’s astute attorneys represent construction subcontractors, laborers, and tradesmen with specialties in fields such as mechanical and HVAC, electrical, roofing, painting, foundation, site work, and others. We’re committed to fighting for—and protecting—these construction industry professionals, who often face financial strain throughout the building process due to the practices of overly aggressive general contractors. We can help you understand your rights, offer guidance on how to more effectively perform services and collect payments, and even walk you through lien filing requirements under the Louisiana Private and Public Works Act.

Equipment Lessors and Rental Companies

Companies that own equipment such as bulldozers, forklifts, and excavators, and lease or rent them to contractors for construction projects play an integral role in the industry. However, when payment disputes and other challenges come up, equipment lessors and rental companies must follow a distinct process, utilizing a specific type of lien and privilege, to properly preserve its claim or secure payment. As a result, having an experienced attorney who knows the Louisiana Public and Private Works act inside and out is absolutely essential.

Discuss your needs with our New Orleans construction trial lawyers to find out how we can implement procedures to protect your rights and ensure you receive payment for the services you provide.

Material Suppliers

Material suppliers are vital to the completion of any construction project. Unfortunately, suppliers often provide the ordered materials, only to find themselves waiting for the contractor to release their payment. While the Louisiana Public and Private Works Act provides legal remedies for suppliers facing non-payment, the jurisprudence interpreting the statutory privileges requires them to meet specific notice and invoicing requirements in order to preserve the right to put a lien on a construction project. If you’re a materials supplier, having a seasoned construction lawyer who can walk you through the steps to file a lien and secure payment is paramount. Our New Orleans construction attorneys can advise you on how to implement procedures that can protect your legal rights to lien and collect payment for supplies provided throughout Louisiana construction projects.

New Orleans Construction Litigation Attorneys: Protecting Workers’ Rights and Recovering Missing Payments

Construction workers play a vital role in building our communities, but they often face challenges related to workplace injuries, unpaid wages, and contractual disputes, but our New Orleans construction litigation attorneys can assist. When facing legal issues within the construction industry, it’s essential to seek the assistance of experienced construction litigation attorneys. Let our Scott Vicknair, LLC, team address and answer FAQs:

What is construction litigation?

Construction litigation covers legal disputes that can arise in the construction industry. These disputes can involve issues such as contract breaches, construction defects, workplace injuries, insurance claims, payment disputes, and more. New Orleans construction litigation attorneys specialize in representing construction workers, contractors, subcontractors, and other parties involved in construction-related legal matters.

How can construction litigation attorneys protect workers’ rights?

Working with construction litigation attorneys can help by providing the following benefits:

  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal labor laws: Attorneys familiar with construction industry regulations can ensure that workers’ rights are protected and that employers adhere to laws related to wages, overtime, workplace safety, and more.
  • Pursuing workers’ compensation claims: In the event of workplace injuries or accidents, construction litigation attorneys can help injured workers navigate the workers’ compensation process, ensuring they receive the medical care and financial benefits they are entitled to.
  • Addressing discrimination and harassment: Construction litigation attorneys can assist workers in cases involving workplace discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination, ensuring that their rights are protected and that appropriate legal actions are taken.

How can construction litigation attorneys help in recovering missing payments?

Construction workers may face payment issues, including non-payment or underpayment for their work on construction projects. Construction litigation attorneys can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Contract review and enforcement: Attorneys can review contracts and ensure that they include clear payment terms and provisions. If a breach of contract occurs, they can take legal action to enforce payment and protect the worker’s rights.
  • Mechanic’s lien and bond claims: Attorneys can file mechanic’s liens or bond claims on behalf of construction workers who are owed payment for their services. These legal tools can help secure the worker’s right to payment by placing a claim on the property or project funds.
  • Representation in arbitration or litigation: If negotiations fail, construction litigation attorneys can represent workers in arbitration or litigation proceedings to pursue their rightful payment. They will gather evidence, present legal arguments, and advocate for the worker’s interests in court.

What qualities should I look for in a New Orleans construction litigation attorney?

When choosing an attorney, you should consider the following factors:

  • Experience: Look for an attorney with a proven track record of handling construction-related cases, including payment disputes and workers’ rights issues.
  • Knowledge of construction law: Ensure the attorney has a deep understanding of construction laws, regulations, and industry practices specific to New Orleans and Louisiana.
  • Resources and network: A reputable attorney should have access to a network of construction industry experts, such as contractors, engineers, and financial professionals, who can provide valuable insights and support for your case.
  • Communication and responsiveness: Choose an attorney who is responsive to your inquiries, communicates effectively, and keeps you informed about the progress of your case.
  • Results-oriented: Look for an attorney who has a history of achieving favorable outcomes for their clients, whether through negotiations, settlements, or litigation.

What steps should I take if I’m facing a payment dispute or missing payments?

If you’re a construction worker and you find you’re missing a payment, implement the following steps:

  • Document and preserve evidence: Keep records of your work, including timecards, invoices, contracts, and any communication related to payment. This evidence will be crucial in establishing your claim.
  • Consult with a construction litigation attorney: Seek legal advice from a construction litigation attorney who can assess your situation, review your contracts, and guide you through the process of recovering missing payments.
  • Act promptly: Time limitations may apply to filing claims or taking legal action, so it’s important to act quickly to protect your rights. Consult with an attorney as soon as possible to understand the deadlines that may affect your case.

Construction litigation attorneys play a crucial role in protecting the rights of construction workers and helping them recover missing payments. By advocating for workers’ rights, enforcing contracts, pursuing mechanic’s liens or bond claims, and representing clients in legal proceedings, these attorneys ensure that workers are treated fairly and receive the compensation they deserve. When facing construction-related legal issues, it is essential to consult with an experienced construction litigation attorney who specializes in protecting workers’ rights and resolving payment disputes effectively. Work with New Orleans construction litigation attorneys by reaching out to our Scott Vicknair, LLC, team today!

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