In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, many Louisiana home and business owners are facing property damage on a massive scale. Those trying to rebuild are finding the insurance claims process to be complex and may cause as many problems as they solve. Insurance companies are obligated to honor the protection that their clients purchased, and provide compensation fairly, on time, and accurately. 

Tactics Insurance Companies Use

After filing a claim an insurance company may respond in ways that can allow you to seek legal action. The following are red flags to be aware of:

  • Improper investigation of a claim
  • Failure to respond in a proper amount of time
  • Delaying payment
  • Underpaying on a claim
  • Outright refusal to pay a claim

While this list is incomplete, any of the above could enable you to pursue legal action against your insurance company. To do everything to ensure your claim is accepted, we recommend reviewing our list of tips during the claims process.

Delayed Compensation

At times when they are needed most, insurance claims are being delayed or outright denied, preventing property owners from starting the rebuilding process. Louisana law requires insurers to provide compensation in a timely manner and while extensions for these timeframes exist during instances of natural disasters, these timeframes must still be reasonable. The sooner your claim is paid to you, the sooner you can rebuild.

Underpaid Compensation

Insurance companies may also find ways to underpay those who complete the property claims process. While a discrepancy between what is owed and what is paid may seem minor or even justified by the insurance adjuster, it may be a sign an insurer is acting in bad faith. It is important to remember that insurance companies are businesses that profit when they pay as little as possible on your policy. If your insurance company is not compensating you as they are obligated to, seek professional assistance. 

Refusal To Pay A Claim

After paying years of premiums on your policy, a refusal to pay on your claim from your insurance company can feel like betrayal. Insurance companies have many tactics to deny your property claim including asserting damages were caused by elements not covered by your policy. These complexities are often outside the knowledge of your average property owner. When property damage has put a halt to your life and your claim is denied, your only option may be to contact an attorney well versed in insurance law.

Contact A Louisana Property Damage Attorney

If you feel an insurer is delaying, underpaying, or denying your valid property claim, they may have violated Lousiana’s bad faith laws. These laws exist to protect the consumer and hold insurance companies accountable for the service they provide. If you suspect your insurance company is not upholding its end of the bargain, speak with an attorney to ensure you are not being taken advantage of. Our attorneys understand the laws in place protecting consumers and have the experience required to stand up to insurance companies. We can deal with the complexities and nuances involved in securing your fair compensation, while you focus on recovering. Speak with our attorneys at Scott Vicknair, LLC by calling 504-500-1111, or fill out a contact form here to have our team reach out to you.


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