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Maritime Lawyer New Orleans, LAIf you work at sea, you may need the help of a New Orleans, LA maritime attorney. If you’re ever injured or mistreated on the job. The laws of the sea are different from laws on land, and it’s important to get the best legal help possible if you’re seeking compensation.

Before diving into your case, take the time to get informed about what maritime law entails, and how a lawyer from Scott Vicknair can make a difference. Read on to learn more, and reach out to us for a free consultation.

Inside Maritime Law

Maritime law is also known as admiralty law, and it covers everything that happens at sea. While maritime law can include crimes and international statutes or laws, it also deals with how businesses should operate at sea, and what rights seamen and other crew have while they’re on the job.

In the United States, federal law protects the rights of maritime employees. The Jones Act, initially passed in 1920, is intended to safeguard American maritime interests, ensuring that American vessels are used in American ports, carrying out business for American maritime companies. The Jones Act also safeguards the rights of seamen and other crew aboard ships at sea.

Why Do I Need a Maritime Lawyer?

If you work on land, you can rely on a civil court to help you get the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured on the job. It’s a different matter if you work at sea. Because maritime law applies to seagoing vessels, it means you’ll have to go to an admiralty court instead of a civil court, and there’s a whole different set of rules to play by if you want to see a single cent for your claim.

There are many reasons you may find yourself in an admiralty court. You could have been injured at sea, either as an employee or as a passenger. You could have been involved in a boat accident, or found in violation of one of many different maritime laws. It’s a lot of pressure, and you shouldn’t have to deal with an admiralty court alone.

Not all lawyers are equipped to handle the intricacies of maritime law. You’ll have to get in touch with a New Orleans maritime attorney who specializes in the law of the sea, and Scott Vecknair is here to help.

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Were you hurt onboard a vessel, or involved in a maritime accident? You have a right to compensation, even if your employer didn’t tell you. At Scott Vicknair, we understand the importance of exercising your rights to get the compensation you deserve.

Any injury – maritime or otherwise – can put your life on hold. An accident or injury may mean a lengthy recovery, costly repair and medical bills, and lost wages that could put you behind on your mortgage, your car payment, or other debts. All the more reason to get in touch with a lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

Work in the maritime industry is challenging, dangerous, but important. Get in touch with Scott Vicknair today to see how we can help, and get back to sea with a New Orleans maritime attorney at your back.

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