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Being on the water for work or pleasure can be a rewarding experience, but it may also put you in harm’s way through no fault of your own. When you break bones, sustain a concussion, or are hurt in other ways because someone else acted irresponsibly while on a lake, river, or ocean, you may qualify to receive a settlement. Instead of navigating this unfamiliar and confusing situation yourself, work with a lawyer who could help.

Partnering with a Louisiana admiralty lawyer at Scott Vicknair could help set you up for success as you embark on this journey. Our knowledgeable maritime attorneys have extensive knowledge of the legal landscape involving water-related accidents, and we welcome the opportunity to help make things right for you.

What Situations Fall Under Admiralty Law?

Admiralty law refers to the rules that apply when someone is hurt or killed while on the waters in or around the United States. They create legal avenues for an injured person or their loved ones to sue their employer for an injury that happened on a ship or dock. They may also apply to situations where a noncommercial passenger, such as someone on a cruise ship, is hurt in an accident or attack and must be hospitalized or dies.

Situations that may fall under the umbrella of admiralty law include the following:

  • A longshoreman slips and falls on the dock while loading cargo onto a ship
  • A cruise ship passenger has a heart attack and dies because the cruise does not allow them to deboard the vessel
  • A plane plummets into the ocean while returning to the United States
  • An offshore drill explodes and severely wounds oil workers

In any of these situations, an injured person may have an admiralty law claim against those responsible for what occurred. Someone in this position may find it beneficial to work with a Louisiana admiralty attorney who could use their in-depth knowledge of the law to their advantage.

How Could Someone Get Money for an Injury or Death That Occurred on the Water?

When someone else is responsible for harming or killing another, the injured person or their surviving family members could sue them. The process depends on the specific accusations they are making and against whom. For example, when a longshoreman gets hurt on the job, they may qualify to file a lawsuit under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, found at 33 United States Code § 903.

The type of damages someone may qualify for depends on the kind of case they are bringing. For example, when a longshoreman files a claim for a dock-related injury, they may be eligible to have their employer pay for some (or all) of their medical treatment. A Louisiana attorney who regularly handles admiralty law cases has the tools to secure an appropriate award for damages.

Get in Touch With an Admiralty Attorney in Louisiana to Discuss Options

When you are hurt, or a loved one is killed in a maritime accident, it can have long-lasting consequences on your mental and physical well-being and threaten to bankrupt you. When someone else is to blame for what happened, federal and state laws may provide you with a pathway to seek acknowledgment and a fair settlement for your losses.

Reach out to a Louisiana admiralty lawyer on our team to schedule a no-obligation consultation and discuss your options. Our firm does not charge clients any upfront legal fees for handling these types of cases, and we only receive money for handling your case when you win your lawsuit.

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