In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting the charismatic and multi-talented Steve Rehage, founder of Rehage Entertainment. From his formidable days as a football player at LSU, his career in the NFL, to his successful transition into the music industry, Steve’s story is a compelling one that’s rooted right here in New Orleans. Navigating the challenges of the music industry requires more than just a love for tunes. Steve believes in the power of strong relationships and mentorship, principles he learned on the football field and successfully applied to his music career. His engaging anecdotes about collaborations and the nurturing of industry connections provide great lessons that we can all relate to.

Get a glimpse into the whirlwind journey he’s been on, including the story of securing a last-minute performance from Metallica for the Voodoo Fest. Plus, we spend some time talking about his relationship with Steve Gleason and the strength he’s seen from Gleason through his battle with ALS.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

1:43 – Steve’s upbringing in New Orleans

2:45 – LSU football journey, the NFL, and lifelong connections

13:20 – From the NFL to the music industry

15:12 – How the VooDoo Fest began

19:33 – Lessons learned through business and football

27:18 – A wild 48 hours with Green Day and Metallica

29:29 – His relationship with Steve Gleason

33:52 – What he’s working on now