Our Most Impactful Cases + The Metaverse & Cybersecurity

As technology evolves, so do businesses of all sizes. You have to keep up with change or your risk being left behind. Today we’re going to talk about two different areas of technology that we have strong opinions on, and then we’re going to answer a great question we received about the most impactful cases we’ve worked on.

David leads us off with the metaverse and a recent article that highlighted the downfall of this once ‘great’ idea. So many companies bought into the belief that we’re all moving into a virtual world, and it’s led to so much money being invested by top companies that might never show a return.

Then we’ll hear Brad highlight the importance of cybersecurity with all of the ransomware attacks happening on small businesses. This is a legitimate threat to businesses everywhere and worth the time and money to address it now before it impacts you directly.

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