In our latest episode, we’re breaking bread with Anthony Cortello, the new co-
owner of Mid City Pizza, to discuss how he’s firing up the ovens and infusing his
New York City culinary skills into every slice they’ll be serving in New Orleans. We

tried the pizza for one of our pizza reviews on YouTube and wanted to bring him on
to learn more about their plans and how they’re helping elevate the pizza scene in
the city. You’ll hear how Anthony navigates the complexities of creating the
perfect pizza in a city known more for gumbo than for its pies, and how his
ambition is rapidly transforming New Orleans’ palate for this universally adored
Our conversation with Anthony goes beyond the toppings, digging into the brass
tacks of running a thriving pizza business amidst New Orleans’ unique climate and
culture. We uncover the meticulous process of ingredient selection, the alchemy
of dough in the face of Southern humidity, and the vital role that a supportive,
innovative team plays at Mid City Pizza.
Join us as we shed light on the day-to-day hustle of managing a popular
neighborhood pizza joint and how Anthony tackles the hurdles of maintaining
high standards across multiple locations.
Here’s what we cover in this video:
0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Anthony’s culinary background
4:30 – Pizza in New Orleans
10:05 – Mid City Pizza
14:06 – Sourcing ingredients
19:14 – Anthony’s favorite pizza
24:32 – Consistency
29:24 – What sets Mid City apart
About our guest:
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