We’re excited to welcome Mike Alder, a Louisiana-born, California-based trial
lawyer who’s found success through mentorship, giving, and humility.
In this episode of the Overruled podcast, Mike shares his path from LSU to sunny
California, his trials and triumphs, and the importance of being a mentor. Discover
how embracing failure as an event, not an identity, can be the key to success and
get ready to be inspired by Mike’s life lessons, his passion for giving back, and his
unique approach to law and life.

Plus, learn about the Z.A. Ranch in Covington, Louisiana, a beautiful property he
and his wife are developing to use as an event space, a place to gather, and a
rental property.
Here’s what we discuss in this episode:
0:00 – Intro and background on Mike
2:07 – Move from Louisiana to California
6:12 – Mentorship
13:52 – Lessons from trial verdicts
21:40 – Building a ranch in Louisiana
29:10 – Favorite book & growth
38:56 – The power of consistency
41:28 – Mike’s superpower
Learn more about the Z.A. Ranch: https://www.za-ranch.com/
About our guest: https://alderlaw.com/
Schedule a free consultation: https://www.scottvicknair.com/contact/