Every good leader is always looking for ways to improve personally and
professionally, and we love using this platform to provide opportunities to grow
these skills.
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Claire Chandler, a leadership coach and
consultant with Talent Boost, who brings a wealth of knowledge on the unique
challenges leaders face at the helm of their organizations. Throughout this
episode, Claire helps us unpack the concept of leadership therapy and why
embracing vulnerability and imperfection is not just okay, but essential for
effective leadership.
#leadership #leadershipdevelopment
Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:
0:00 – Intro and background
2:36 – Unique challenges for business owners
7:25 – Vulnerability
12:08 – Common leadership traits
23:02 – Creating a culture
33:03 – How Talent Boost provides support
38:02 – Tools to help you get started
About our guest: https://www.talentboost.net/claire
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