Step into the world of modern cobbling with Micah Smith, the man behind
KIXXSOCLEAN, as he takes us through his entrepreneurial journey. From pandemic
beginnings to a thriving storefront, discover how Micah’s unique blend of traditional shoe cobbling and modern sneaker culture revitalizes cherished

Micah is incredible at what he does and we wanted to spotlight another talented
owner and proprietor of a local small business. We’re excited to learn more about
his business and really get the word out so people know about all the neat things
he’s doing.
We had to bring on Caitlin Carrigan to share in co-hosting duties today because
she’s gotten to know Micah over the past few years after discovering his business
when her son was looking for shoes to look sharp at his first school dance.
So join us for an inspiring tale of innovation, resilience, and the power of
community support in the heart of New Orleans.
Here’s what we discuss in this episode:
0:00 – Intro
1:35 – How he describes his business
5:00 – How he got started
8:45 – Marketing success
16:38 – Supporting entrepreneurs
23:11 – Learning his shoe skills
26:45 – Lessons learned
31:56 – Future goals & plans
39:40 – Where to find Micah
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