Are you ready to take a journey through the landscape of business success and the intriguing world of alien conspiracy theories? Then buckle up, because we’re on both ends of the spectrum for this episode. We’ll kick things off with David’s topic for this week, which ties into his love of Shark Tank and Barbara Corcoran. He found this article about seven tips for succeeding in business and it’s worth sharing here. We’ll share each of the tips by highlighting the importance of resilience, persistence, and the power of transforming failures into stepping stones to success.

We love that messages like the significance of showing up every day, being consistent, and seeking what you lack to achieve your business goals can apply to any person and any profession. Then, we’ll completely shift gears and put on our tin foil hats for a conversation on aliens and the recent Congressional hearing. As we contemplate the vastness of our universe, we also consider the likelihood of alien life and government cover-ups.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:27 – David’s love for Shark Tank

2:23 – 7 tips for business success

4:35 – Business lesson: stay in the game

13:53 – What conspiracy theory do we believe is 100% true?

15:56 – Our thoughts on the alien hearings in Congress.

23:02 – Where do we go from here with aliens?