Death on the High Seas Act in Louisiana

When you lose a loved one while they are out at sea, you may feel anger, frustration, and grief, especially when someone else’s misconduct is the reason for your loss. While a lawsuit cannot bring someone back, it does provide a tool for you to demand justice for what you, your family, and your loved one have gone through.

Scott Vicknair appreciates the acute pain you and your family are experiencing right now and will deal with it in the future. We are well versed in the Death on the High Seas Act in Louisiana and could use this knowledge to help craft a case against those responsible for your relative’s death. Our experienced maritime injury attorneys are available to fight for you when you need an advocate in your corner, helping you hold people and businesses accountable.

What Kind of Situations Does the Death on the High Seas Act Cover?

The Death on the High Seas Act, found in 46 United States Code § 30302, allows eligible surviving family members to sue someone who caused their loved one’s death while they are on the ocean. The fatal accident needs to happen more than three nautical miles from the United States shores for a survivor to be able to file a lawsuit using this law. Likewise, the surviving relatives need to prove someone else’s mistake caused their loved one’s death.

For example, when a plane crashes into the ocean, the deceased passengers’ families may have a case against the airline. In that situation, the people filing suit would need to prove the airline made an error, such as not performing safety checks, that caused the accident. Likewise, when someone on a cruise is killed, their loved ones may sue when the cruise company is to blame for what happened.

The laws about who can file suit and when can be complicated, but a lawyer in Louisiana could help the surviving relatives of a casualty identify and assert their legal rights under the Death on the High Seas Act. Taking this step can empower those who are grieving a tremendous loss and need help creating a path forward.

What Compensation Could Someone Get When a Loved One Dies at Sea?

As 46 U.S.C. §§ 30302 and 30303 explain, the child, spouse, parent, or dependent relative of the deceased person may qualify to demand a settlement for their losses. There is no set amount someone may receive because their loved one died. Instead, the court allows a person to ask for money to reimburse them for financial losses such as lost income, medical expenses, and funeral and burial costs.

When the person dies in a plane crash that happened more than 12 nautical miles off the U.S. shoreline, surviving family members may qualify for more types of compensation. For example, children could ask for money to address the emotional and psychological loss of not having their parents anymore. A seasoned lawyer in Louisiana could help family members determine a fair estimate of what they might receive when they win their Death on the High Seas claim.

Call a Louisiana Attorney for Assistance With a Death on the High Seas Act Claim

The Death on the High Seas Act in Louisiana gives you and your family the tools to hold people and institutions accountable for the death of your loved one. By suing those at fault for what occurred, you could ensure your expenses are covered while you take time to mourn your loss.

For help in this journey, consider reaching out to a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney on our team. We provide no-obligation consultations, and you will only be charged a fee once we win your case. Call us today to schedule a time to discuss your situation.

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