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  • Know Your Legal Rights If You’ve Been Hurt by an Aggressive Driver Everyone has felt frustration when traffic doesn’t move fast enough, but unfortunately some drivers choose not to let that frustration go and instead engage in aggressive driving. In these situations, punishing other drivers for perceived slights or reaching their destination as quickly as possible becomes more important than the safety of everyone else sharing the... Read more »
  • Do Dockworkers Have Remedies Under Maritime Law? The Port of New Orleans is a vital part of the City’s economy. The port generates approximately $100 million in revenue annually through cargo, rail, industrial real estate, and cruises. This economic power is supported by the hard work of dockworkers. These workers load and unload the outgoing and incoming cargo, and prepare the dock... Read more »
  • Resolving Louisiana Real Estate Boundary Disputes When you first buy a home or set up an office location, you probably don’t expect to ever become embroiled in a lawsuit with your neighbor. Unfortunately, property disputes are more common than you may think. With an attorney’s help you can navigate these delicate situations while protecting your legal rights and finding a workable... Read more »