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Make the Right Referral – We Will Fight For the Win and Pay You a Referral Fee

Scott Vicknair Injury Lawyers welcomes your referrals on various personal injury and maritime injury matters, including car accidents, 18-wheeler and truck accidents, offshore injuries, slip and falls, dog bites, wrongful death, and first party bad faith insurance claims.

Finding the right attorney can be a daunting task. Often, consumers rely on generic directory websites and end up sifting through countless attorney profiles. This leaves them uncertain of whether they should be reaching out to a criminal, family, personal injury attorney. If you’ve represented the client before, they will most likely reach out to you based on the personal relationship, trust, and goodwill you have built up by doing the right thing for your client and achieving a positive result for them.

When someone calls your firm with a legal issue, you want to make the right referral. You want to refer them to an attorney that is knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate. Someone who will fight for their best interests and treat them with the respect. We can help. When you refer cases to Scott Vicknair, we will fight for the win and pay you referral fees. Most importantly, we will keep you updated and a part of client communication and case progression, and make sure that the client knows your work was instrumental in the matter referred to our firm.

Why Refer Cases to Scott Vicknair Law?

At our firm, we pride ourselves on the experience of our attorneys and our dedication to providing clients with excellent service across our practice areas. Our lawyers have developed skillsets that make them not only effective counselors, litigators, and negotiators, but also knowledgeable authorities on a wide array of legal subject matter.

At Scott Vicknair, we take care of our clients and timely communicate with them. They are experiencing a traumatic life event, and what we do for our clients goes beyond the legal process. We keep regular communication with our clients and make sure they are happy, comfortable, and confident throughout the process. We will make sure they will thank you for referring them to our firm.

Our priority is to maintain a positive relationship between you (the referring attorney) and the client. We will make sure they know you are their first attorney, and they will thank you for helping them find the right firm for their legal needs. We will focus on fighting for the win for them while making you the hero.

Joining Scott Vicknair’s Referral Network

When we get a call from a potential client, one of our primary questions throughout the case assessment process is, “how can we best serve this individual?” We get a lot of calls for cases we don’t take, and in these circumstances, we reach out to another attorney or firm who may be able to help that client.

If you are open to receiving referrals from Scott Vicknair Law, call our Referral Department at (504) 977-2044 or complete the form on this page!

Co-Counsel Agreements

Sometimes, a cut and dry referral isn’t the ideal a way to approach a case. In situations like these, a co-counsel agreement may be an effective way for clients and their attorneys to reap the benefits of working with another lawyer or firm, while still maintaining a more active role in the case.

Some common reasons for seeking a favorable co-counsel agreement include:

  • Increased investigative resources;
  • Assistance from attorneys who have extensive experience within a specific practice area;
  • The ability to call upon expert witnesses who might not otherwise be available;
  • The opportunity to learn on the job while ensuring that your client is still protected by an experienced legal advocate.

Every co-counsel agreement is as unique as the case and client it pertains to, which means that these collaborations require active participation from all parties involved. If you think that you or your client might benefit from working side-by-side with our experienced legal team, please give us a call or message us today.

How to Refer Cases to Scott Vicknair

Step 1: Send Your PI & Succession/Probate Callers to Scott Vicknair

When your intake team gets a call from someone injured in an accident or dealing with estate issues, have them gather some basic details about the caller (and also provide them with our direct intake line (504) 977-2044.) Your intake team can send the information to

Step 2: Referred Client Signs with Scott Vicknair Law

Our intake team will contact the referred client (if they don’t call us first), and we’ll start the onboarding process. When the referred client signs, our team will contact your firm and let you know! As always, we will make you the HERO in the eyes of the client throughout the case.

Step 3: We Handle Their Legal Issue and Make You the HERO

Scott Vicknair will ensure the client knows that the referring law firm (YOU) played a significant role in helping them find the right attorney and restoring their piece of mind. We will tell the client if they ever have legal issues, to contact your firm first!

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