"In the pantheon of lawyers, David Vicknair stands alone. The following is a story of growth and development. I own a construction company. The fact that I am as successful as I am is thanks in part to David’s expertise in navigating the turbulent seas of construction and workers comp law. It seems like only yesterday, I found myself clearly in the sights of an overly litigious migrant worker. An injury was faked, a claim was made, and I had no hope. I called David upon the instance of an old friend. By his careful hand, we negotiated our way to a resolution that the company was able to stomach financially and that the “philistine” graciously accepted as recompense for the alleged wrong that he had conjured. All this is history now, merely a memory of a storm we weathered together and when the sun finally broke the horizon, opportunity was again rife, skies were again clear. David’s representation has allowed the company to grow while being protected from unnecessary liability. I would recommend to anyone in the construction world to entrust the legal aspect of their enterprise with Mr. Vicknair. I have long since relinquished what little control I did have over the legal/contractual matters of my company and now I can focus more on the bottom line. In summation, I can only say what I know is true, to all ye who have gone adrift and are desperately in need of legal guidance, you will find in David a person who can return you to safe harbor."Elbert