Refer Your Callers to Scott Vicknair Make the Right Referral – We Will Fight For the Win and Pay You a Referral Fee Scott Vicknair Injury Lawyers welcomes your referrals on various personal injury and maritime injury matters, including car accidents, 18-wheeler and truck accidents, offshore injuries, slip and falls, dog bites, wrongful death, and first party bad faith insurance claims.... Read more » Video Testimonial We’re committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes, which means providing outstanding legal representation and service for each and every case, regardless of size. Browse testimonials from our civil litigation clients to learn about their experiences with our innovative law firm. Home2 How A Slip And Fall Causes Head Injuries Working on an estate plan can be frustrating and a long process to complete. If you do not have a lawyer guiding you throughout the process, you may have a more difficult time developing an estate plan that reflects your wishes and specific goals New Orleans LA Law Firm As the New Orleans, LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC knows all too well, accidents can happen anywhere. When you live or work in a location near the water, it is best to be prepared for land-based or even water-based accidents. That is why our firm has both regular personal injury lawyers and maritime... Read more » North Shore LA Law Firm Working and living near the water has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks — after all, injuries and accidents can happen on land or water. At the North Shore LA law firm of Scott Vicknair, LLC, we understand that no matter how prepared you might be, the unexpected still happens. That is why... Read more » Don’t Part Ways With Your Business Partner Until You Read This Starting a new business is always exciting, but unfortunately, partners may eventually discover they aren’t a good fit for each other. The needs of the company may change, or you could simply find your partner isn’t suited to the job. Whether a partner is bringing negative press to your brand, mishandling funds, or just simply... Read more » What Does “Maintenance and Cure” Actually Mean for an Injured Seaman? Offshore work is a particularly dangerous line of employment that comes with a high risk of injury. To offset the very real possibility of being hurt on a vessel, there are laws in place to protect workers who suffer accidents at sea. Unfortunately, those laws use archaic terms like “maintenance” and “cure” that aren’t exactly... Read more » What is Maximum Medical Improvement? When you get injured while working offshore or near a vessel or boat, a term that you may hear is “maximum medical improvement.” While it is a legal term, it is actually a description of your medical condition. Maximum medical improvement, otherwise known as MMI, is a determination made by a doctor that you have... Read more » Why It’s So Important to Build a Paper Trail After a Public Slip and Fall Accident When someone slips and falls in a private residence, they are likely to pursue compensation through homeowner’s insurance. It’s a very different story if you are hurt in a more public location, however. After a public slip and fall injury, you need to have the proper evidence available to recover damages, especially if your premises... Read more » The Tricks and Treats of Recent Updates in the Private and Public Works Acts With Halloween just around the corner, the trick-or-treat season may have you feeling both festive and fearful. One thing you need not fear, however, is whether you have been tricked into missing out on recent jurisprudential changes in the Louisiana Public Works Act and Louisiana Private Works Act because the lawyers at Scott Vicknair, LLC... Read more » What to Do If You Are Hurt in a Rear-End Accident Rear-end wrecks are one of the most common types of crashes seen on New Orleans streets and highways, but that doesn’t mean the injuries you may sustain won’t be severe. Neck and back pain in particular can keep you from returning to work after this type of accident. If you’ve been hurt in a rear-end... Read more » Our New Orleans Attorneys Give Back to the Community Posted on Mar 24, 2021 Scott Vicknair, LLC has a strong commitment to bettering our local and the national community. We take a large amount of pro bono cases, typically on referral from mental health professionals, other legal professionals, or social service professionals. We also regularly advocate for community-based non-profits seeking to effect systemic change. Above and... Read more » Who is at fault when I get rear-ended in a car accident? Rear-End collisions are the most common type of auto accident, accounting for approximately 29% of all motor vehicle accidents. Many drivers involved in these accidents believe that the driver who caused the collision (the following car) is always legally at fault for the accident. While this is true for many rear-end collisions, it may not... Read more » What to Do If You are Hurt by an Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist in Louisiana Although liability insurance is legally required in Louisiana, there is still a significant minority of drivers who don’t have any insurance at all. Those who do follow the law and purchase the minimum liability insurance may have picked the cheapest option. That means the other driver’s policy is unlikely to fully cover your medical bills... Read more » Case Results -2 Our skilled team of injury lawyers is dedicated to achieving the results our clients deserve. Browse our results section to learn how we’ve handled—and resolved—past injury, maritime, estate and succession, construction and business, and other civil litigation matters in our clients’ favor. Select a CategoryAccidents & Injuries (1)Business Law & Litigation (1)Car Accidents (4)Class Action... Read more » Case Results Our skilled team of injury lawyers is dedicated to achieving the results our clients deserve. Browse our results section to learn how we’ve handled—and resolved—past injury, maritime, estate and succession, construction and business, and other civil litigation matters in our clients’ favor. $1,974,843.74 Construction Arbitration Judgment Category: Construction Contracts $988,915.68 Client was a Passenger in... Read more » The Real Crime: A Look at College Admissions and the Law It’s the news story that left the internet quaking: powerful figures were charged with participating in a massive college admissions cheating ring, which was busted by the FBI in “Operation Varsity Blues.” The bribery was orchestrated through two key methods. The first involved corruption in the college entrance exam process. Body doubles were essentially hired... Read more » Product Liability Claims for Defective Vehicles Parts When people are injured in vehicle-related accidents, negligence on the part of a driver is often the ultimate cause. That’s not always the case, however. Sometimes an accident is caused by a negligent auto parts manufacturer rather than driver error. That can be the core reason for an injury in either single-vehicle accidents or multi-vehicle... Read more » Personal Injury Claims for Drone Accidents Injuries can result from many situations. One of the newest occurrences of personal injury is injury caused by drones. Hundreds of cases of drones causing property damage or personal injury have surfaced in the last three years since drones were popularized for personal use in 2015. Common places where drones are used include parades, weddings,... Read more »