Uber Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LA

Uber Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LAA New Orleans, LA Uber accident attorney can help you, whether you were hit by an Uber, riding an Uber when an accident happened, or driving for Uber when a negligent driver hit your vehicle.

At Scott Vicknair, we know that you deserve compensation for your injuries, and we’re ready to help you get the money you need to get on with your life. Read on to learn more about Uber accidents, and see what an Uber accident lawyer from our office can do for you.

Peak Popularity

Uber and Lyft are more popular than ever before, but that doesn’t mean their drivers don’t have accidents. Unfortunately, accidents and collisions happen. Even if you’re just a passenger sitting in the backseat, you can experience injuries and require expensive medical care.

Even though rideshares are a convenient and popular method of transport, a rideshare accident can cause all sorts of questions you’ve never thought to ask before. Who pays for your injuries? Who can request compensation? And what should you do after an accident? Our attorneys have the answers to these questions and more.

Uber Accidents are Still Car Accidents

It’s important to remember that Uber accidents are still car accidents, and in the immediate aftermath of an Uber crash you should take photos and document everything you can. You’ll have to file a police report, and collect insurance and contact information from everyone involved. If you forgot to, or didn’t get a chance, a New Orleans Uber accident attorney can help investigate your case.

Just like any other kind of car accident, a rideshare accident can lead to serious injuries, missed work, and an overwhelming amount of medical bills and debt. Fortunately, Uber and Lyft are both gigantic companies – and they take steps to ensure their drivers have sufficient liability coverage.

Uber Accident Lawyers Can Help You Win Compensation

Uber and Lyft didn’t get to where they are by being charitable. It’s important to remember that despite all their talk about caring for their drivers and passengers, it’s mainly just talk. It takes a lot of effort to see a single cent, whether you were injured as a passenger, injured as a driver, or injured as a pedestrian.

Uber is a giant company with questionable ethics. Injured Uber drivers are oftentimes completely ignored when they reach out about potential compensation, and Uber is quick to point out that their drivers are “independent contractors”. Fortunately, an attorney can go to bat for you and make sure your voice is heard.

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At Scott Vicknair, we know how frequently people use Uber. Whether you need to get around town or need to earn a living, rideshares are great utilities. However, accidents can cause serious injury, and it’s important to get the money you need to recover and rebuild your life.

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